Concrete pumps placed into trucks are used to place concrete anywhere that is difficult to reach. A pump can be used to access backyards reaching over high walls or it can be used to send concrete up to multi-floor buildings. Pumping concrete in this way is also a rapid process that saves time and costs in labour meaning that those multiple wheelbarrows are no longer needed.

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There are two types of concrete pump one which is attached to a truck with a boom, known as a boom pump, and a second known as a line pump which needs steel or flexible hoses to be attached to the outlet. These hoses are then connected together leading to where the concrete needs to go. Line pumps are normally used for smaller volume applications.

How do they work?

The truck empties the concrete onto a hopper that is placed on the back of the truck which churns and mixes the concrete ensuring that it remains liquid and able to flow easily.

Once in the hopper, the concrete moves in small interludes into a valve mechanism where it is then pushed into a concrete pipe which is placed on the boom of the Concrete Pumping truck and ends up at the end of a concrete hose which then places the concrete exactly where the concrete pumping services firm needs it.

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In order to avoid blockages by large pieces of concrete, a mesh grate is placed in the hopper which the concrete falls onto. This stops large rocks from getting into the hoses causing obstructions and ensures that the process continues smoothly.

The valve mechanism

Using both electrical and hydraulic systems, an S-tube type of valve mechanism works by alternately cycling material cylinders that are connected to hydraulic cylinders. As the mix of concrete moves around in the hopper the material cylinder pulls back drawing the concrete into the cylinder. It is then pushed into the S-tube with it eventually ending up in the delivery hoses.

The power used to carry out the function of the pumping comes from the engine. The actual operation can be achieved through use of the controls which can be found on the edge of the truck. There are also possibilities to use remote controls from a distance if necessary.