The main aim of Hatha yoga is to attain a good physical health by following its disciplines thru the control of the mind. Here controlling the mind to follow the disciplines is more important than attaining a superior muscular physique. By reaching the state of heightened awareness Hatha yoga can help to move towards a better health and a calm mind. This state of our body helps us to remain away from stress and solve our personal problems more efficiently and effectively.

There are many other options for a better physical health like swimming, weight lifting, dancing, sports including athletics and many others. All these exercises help us to attain a good physique and strengthen our muscles. But these are all physical. These have nothing for your mind. Hatha yoga has a lot more to provide. Hatha yoga may not be and easy and fast way for physical culture but it helps us to have a much better control over the body by awakening the mind and the spirit.

Hatha Yoga

Also, because they involve fast physical movement, it goes beyond the capacity of those who are aged or lame or physically frail. Where as Hatha yoga being a static science does not have these kinds of limitations for them. In yoga the body is kept in a posture or asana for a longer period of time. The focus is to give stress to specific organs and muscles of our body. Movement in Hatha yoga is very gentle, slow and graceful. So it is possible for any one to take the benefits of Hatha yoga irrespective of their age, sex, religion, or any walk of life. It is a science, universally known.

Our physical health is given a lot of importance by the philosophy of Lord Buddha. His philosophy is based on those Vedas on which the yoga depends. A perfect physical health, according to him is the first step on the way of spiritual freedom. On the way of learning and practicing Hatha yoga you will come across people who might try to drag you against this by saying that standing upside down or sitting in various posture by twisting your body will not help you to reach a state of heightened consciousness. Don’t worry because you have science with you to understand and explain. An impure blood would make a negative effect on the brain, the nerves, the psycho-spiritual life and even the thoughts. If the body is not pure and healthy it is not possible to control the mind.

A good and correct knowledge of yoga once collected and implemented will start affecting every part of your daily life. You will find a change in the way you behave with people around yourself, i.e. the way you sit, talk, walk, sleep, breathe and eat. When we talk about eating, it is important to state that even the most hardcore meat eaters have been influenced by the yoga’s doctrine of non-violence. It has made them to think about vegetarian diet as the experiences during yoga makes them distasteful of all forms of killings and violence.