Some people live for shopping. They queue up for big sales the night before, they take time off work for big brand flash sales and regularly come home laden with shopping bags. Others, however, break out into a cold sweat at the mere mention of having to go shopping. So, if you’re not a fan of retail therapy then what are your reasons for detesting shops?

Is it who you go with?

Shopping can often be a stressful and frustrating experience if you are forced to take along young children and/or babies. You cannot give the task your full attention, feel rushed and possibly on edge if it’s close to feeding or nap time! Taking along elderly relatives or parents can also have a similar effect as they might be more prone to taking longer or getting distracted. Try taking a deep breath and go shopping when you know you have plenty of time available.

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You go to one store and your clothes size is too small but just next door, your size falls off you! Not many of us have hours on end to try every item in every store so it’s incredibly frustrating when nothing seems to fit right. Keep an open mind about being different sizes in different stores.

Poor Service

One of the major gripes about shopping is poor customer service. Whether it’s not enough staff meaning long queue times or standing for ages to be served while staff have a merry chit-chat. Busy periods like Christmas seem to be the worst, especially with last minute shopping where everyone seems to descend on the shops at the same time. We can appreciate that shop staff work long hours in often less than ideal conditions so companies should invest in making the customer experience a lot less stressful which in turn will benefit the staff too. For ideas about improving the customer experience, think about in store music and visit

Lack of choice

Not being able to find what you want meaning you have to keep looking and visiting lots of different stores. Although most stores will offer to order items in for you but that normally means going back to collect the item. Ordering online has become increasingly popular for this very reason. For those who prefer visiting a physical shop then phone ahead and check the item is in stock to save you a wasted journey.

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If you don’t like crowds or have seen one too many irate customers kicking off then you might come to dread a trip to the shops. Again, it’s best to go at a time when you don’t have too much on so you can take it easy. Try going at a time when you know it will be quieter and avoid peak times like weekends, lunchtimes and major holidays. Many supermarkets open 24 hours now so you could even do your shopping at 3am if you love the idea of having the place to yourself.