Every weekend they launch a multitude of movies that try to make a good time to the spectators telling stories. With the movie “The Scholars” Google wanted to take advantage of the cinema channel to tell its story. In which they have had the opportunity to communicate all the brand values. In this way they wanted to reach their workers, clients and users their values.

The film deals with two forties (the famous actors Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) that dismiss them of its work. After being in a difficult situation, they try on a summer campus at Google for a job.

At first glance it is an absolutely trivial film. In my opinion Google gets closer (more if possible) its philosophy to all audiences and communicate the following:

How do they get closer to company values?

Know how to give second chances to people who can contribute something different in work teams.

Guided by the enthusiasm of the protagonists seek to have a vital experience in order to be able to recycle. In this way they can opt for a more promising future.

Celebrate group work

Fellows the film is a true reflection of how much the results improve when you get a good atmosphere. The ones help the others looking for the different abilities of each one. In this case in particular the protagonists manage to improve their technological skills. At the same time they also help their peers to know how to relate more naturally to the people around them. It is important not to be so locked in a digital bubble.

Reaffirm that Google is an excellent place to work

Apart from the slides, rest areas and free food service has given a picture of harmony between workers where they are constantly looking for the best environment for continuous learning. It has also been sought to express how the workers of more senior profile are concerned with instilling the working methods and aspects that are most valued in the company.

Introduce the company as the great worldwide tool for connecting people through information and technology.

It has not gone unnoticed to want to present the company as the great source of content digitization to make it accessible to all users.

Underline the main mission of the company

Make mention of major acquisitions such as Instagram or present as a key piece of gear your technical service to users

The entire film is endless subliminal messages with YouTube, Google + and Gmail among others as protagonists.

Google fellows The Google advertising service is not only for big brands or online stores but also for small businesses apparently enmity with the internet that want to make themselves known to new customers

Sometimes, simply telling a story we have the great opportunity to communicate values ​​in a more entertaining and entertaining way for your audience and that allows a greater retention and empathy with the company in question.

In short, what in many films is a mere story of personal improvement carried out by two funny forty, becomes a journey into the “Google world” to bring people a little more their philosophy, values, principles and missions. And all this sponsoring a movie and thus be able to communicate by an unusual channel by Google.