Internet strategy for the sixth season has been brilliant and has managed to still generate more enthusiasm and more suspense

If you search on Google News how many news have been published on Game of Thrones, the original title of Game of Thrones, the television series that adapts the literary saga of George RR Martin, the search is not only efficient at finding what we seek (0.57 seconds work?) but also, it is time to find almost anything we can find. Right now, there is 32,000,000 localized news that addresses the issue. And, if the exercise of waiting for the search offer search suggestions is done, you can find an equally list of potential suggestions of content that everyone is looking for, if information about spoilers if data on the exact day the season starts. Once clicked and waited to Google returns a list of results, you may find analysis by algorithms to discover if certain characters are or are not dead, profiles, analysis and practically anything we can imagine. At the end of the day, the other side is 32 million items waiting to be read.

If Google Trends, the guru of the things that interest us, to see how they have evolved searches related to the series it can be used to find two things. One is that, obviously, is looking much more the term in English (red) than Castilian (blue). Another is that HBO series responsible for the chain is a genius positioning and generate interest. Search peaks are associated with the beginning and end of each season year after year and, although the writer had for years been publishing novels and creating a loyal audience for them, the frenzy is really tied to the beginning of the television adaptation.

And the case of Game of Thrones is one that demonstrates how you can generate very viral content and arouses much interest and how it can be done from something that is input minority. The novels of George RR Martin had delivered a public reader, one who devoured each volume and waiting (waiting) patiently for the author to launch each of the deliveries. This niche of readers / fans was the one who gave the first push to the television adaptation, but this ended up engulfing the literary product (why has begun to see or read Game of Thrones , one must wonder? Maybe it started when the entire world around seemed to be doing) and also has become a mass phenomenon and one to understand how these phenomena are generated. Because if something has done well (well, actually) HBO is a solid marketing strategy and social networking.

Game of Thrones

How to Be a Star storytelling

Take for instance the launch of last season. HBO has generated a rush of interest among consumers and has become material for millions of news content in online media (which are written, obviously, because readers want to read). Input, the chain had several elements in its favor. On the one hand, the fifth season had finished with a cliffhanger very important. One character might (or might not) be dead. The images (and yes, it is very difficult to continue without spoilers for those who have not seen the series) Jon Snow, one of the protagonists and one of the most popular characters on the show, bleeding to death in the snow made them think they had given him the final blow and was dying. The series kills his characters mercilessly, so it would not be such a crazy question. However, followers launched an intense debate on the network whether or not Snow was dead and is almost impossible nowadays do not have an opinion.

On the other hand, the series has reached a point of convergence. Whatever happens from now on will be new for everyone: the television series has reached the point where Martin has come up with his books (still two volumes published) and therefore the expectations are much higher.

Therefore, the sixth season expected with intensity but the creators of the series have also managed to take a lot more fuel to the fire. Internet strategy has been brilliant and has managed to still generate more enthusiasm and more suspense. Instead of launching an aggressive trailer from the first moment, the chain has been dosed contents and playing with the mystery. The first trailer was, in fact, an image that was not associated with chapter’s issue. That is to say, did not use images of what was to come but created a new little story that reinforced the sense of expectation.

After that, they have been launched audiovisual content have remained very alive the interest and have been torn apart and analyzed frame by frame in blogs and social networks. They have taken the bait and everyone has been launched for him.

Years of work

If you feel one to analyze what HBO has done in recent months, it can be determined that are masters of storytelling and really know their audience (and how far they can reach to encourage conversation). To all this should add that some strategists are and ones that have been able to play long term. Nothing has been left to chance and all steps have been made to position them where they are.

Nobody becomes a permanent trending topic, one that has an intensity of years, working day and improvising a couple of nice photos to twitter. To achieve this, create a solid strategy and one that is capable of positioning what is being done from the minute, not zero anymore, but rather minus 1. Work on social networks HBO on Game of Thrones began nothing more less than a year and a half before the series esterase, when producers of it began to appear in different very specific and very niche social environments (like Second Life) to talk about it. Before launching the product, the chain created community and to create community began to woo who were already inclined (or not: books fans feared that their favorite novels were shattered on the small screen) to be.

From then until now they have continued to work very hard and very detail. As explained in The Wall Street Journal, the chain has a community manager dedicated to each of the aspects related to the series, and releases are chapter’s rumors about it. These networks responsible not only limited to talk while the series is on the air but generate conversation (and relevant conversation) throughout the year. A November tweet was, in fact, one of the highest ratios of engagement achieved in recent months (appeared, as Jon Snow).

Community empowerment

And, as happens with other brands that have understood that social networks are a work background, HBO has also created a network of influencers linked to Game of Thrones. Several twitters are considered ‘official tweeters’ and participate in real – time conversations and streamline activities such as marathons viewing. Its publication policy, although partners HBO, is not marked by anyone and are free to say what they want and how they want (for example, they create their own jokes and their own memes). Although they are out of control for so comprehensive HBO (as explained in the Journal do not pay them, although they receive other non – monetary compensation, in support of the official account), they are very effective and work as a network with great potential range. For them, lover’s universe of Game of Thrones is a kind of honor.

And even when it is not that network of influencers, the series is very attentive to what happens to that conversation has far reached. As explained a few years ago when it was a social phenomenon responsible social networking chain to FastCompany, “speculation and conversation generated based on the smallest detail they are fascinating and part of what makes this unique audience. Our job is to amplify that emotion and conversation, so always look for ways to capitalize on that activity and reward the fans.” Therefore, not only they meet fans and talk to them but also give fundamental to what they do or say positions.

And all this adds up to what they do on social networks traditional marketing campaigns that are far from business as usual and thus reinforce the idea that they are a creative and special series come together. Advertising campaigns with which the series appeared in the first few seasons have already entered in the lists of the most creative advertising in recent years, as happened with the very viral campaign in the press in which the shadow of a dragon is paired on the news. It was not the usual, but something closely linked to the plot, very effective a nod to the fans who already knew the product and one that made the curiosity of those who were not waking up. The utterance of it was insured.