It is no wonder that Ford has decided to expand production of the Ford GT. Even with some prices that are far from cheap, the supercar of the Blue Oval reaches the market stomping, and Dearborn did not want to die of success, so have announced that they will expand production. In units? No, in years. Two that add to the two that would initially last.

Ford had initially manufacture 500 units “time” , so if the accounts were as simple as multiplying that number by 2, by 2018 could be talking about a thousand Ford GT street stalls. A figure below 6,506 resulting insufficient to complete orders.

Ford expands manufacturing the Ford GT, but also is more than likely run out of oneIn other words, there will have to confirm orders, and taking advantage of the period of confirmation will be a last chance repechage for new customers, as more than a process of buying a car is already beginning to resemble a TV contest, with heats and everything.

Confirmations for completed orders

It is worth remembering that the progression of orders for its supercar Ford received half a million dollars was rising dramatically as the deadline closed. Last week concentrated one third of applications received the brand.

Consequently, Ford has decided to implement the philosophy of rewarding the wait, and give priority to customers who previously requested one of the new GT. In fact, the new production phase, the third year to applicants who remained on the waiting list, and the fourth year will go to applications postponed and who missed the first opportunity to request, which may send a request will go taking advantage of the new term of confirmations.