This year we will not talk about anything else, but healthy food trends for 2017 that will surprise you and force you to fall in love.

5 food trends:

Below we will discuss the 5 food trends that will rock our food addiction and may be the trends will continue in the future as well.

  1. Everyone will eat in a bowl:

The fashion of modernizing the life with the way of drinking and eating that began with bowls for juices and shakes sounds ridiculous. Many of us think as pleasant the meals will appear before the eyes we will be very happy to eat them.

So, how could I just stick there as the reinvention of the dishes has already arrived?

Eat in the cereal bowls which is large and beautiful. You can serve vegetables, sushi style fish and much more in this type of bowls. This new trend already appears in the most innovative restaurants and leading trends that began in New York and now is spreading all over the countries. It attracts an elegant trend-following client who loves healthy food.

But this food trends for 2017 is not only a matter of style, it has been shown that eating a bowl provides perfect control of the proportion you have to eat. It’s a great way to get protein, grains, and vegetables needed in a perfect portion. Also, plays a very important role to deceive the mind that seeing a bowlful is not the same as seeing plateful foods as the ratio is much smaller in the bowl. So it gives the feeling of having eaten enough just like a normal dish but as the ration is smaller but enough to get the necessary food it will also satisfy you.

  1. Open horizons with algae:

Before we horrify you, we are not talking about the seaweed chasing you when you go to the beach. Having clarified this gives them an opportunity because for some reason they are one of the best food trends for 2017. For countless benefits to the body, such as providing a high level of nutrients, it helps cellular level that contributes to healthy skin, strong nails and healthier hair which is a rich source of minerals and more.

Many Michelin-starred Chefs are starting to cook with them, for the touch of flavor they bring, as a healthy choice to replace the salt in processed foods and for their great variety of combinations of other foods.

  1. Matcha tea for everything:

Matcha tea is a Japanese green tea powder that normally dissolves in hot water or hot milk that and it’s become a new coffee substitute. It can be found in almost every place where they sell coffee (except Starbucks of course) and different companies have already made their light versions with or without caffeine.

It’s not only used for drinking you can also add matcha in the dessert or at breakfast.  In addition to being a food trend for 2017 with health benefits, this green tea with antioxidants will soon have a place next to a cup of coffee.

  1. Super Herbs:

Surely you’ve heard of super food (those foods that help the body reduce fat or burn more calories); well now it’s time to meet the super herbs. Some plants have superpowers that can help the body adapt to stress and handle it in a healthier way.

These wonders are called adaptogens. Super herbs are food trends for 2017 as they have the great potential for fighting stress and improve the health and beauty related issues. They help the body to adapt its specific needs.

  1. Vegetable milk:

It could be said that nut milk has been receiving attention from cold shakes for more than five years, but more and more people drink milk from nuts, hazelnuts, and other nuts. Thanks to the exposure of the environment to milk intolerance and the bad press of soy milk. That is why, the latest food trends for 2017 is natural milk, without emulsifier and refrigerated.

More people now look for a vegetable and natural alternative of milk. The good thing is now they have more and more variety to choose from.