Smell may be one of the most overlooked aspects of making your home a comfortable place – if your house smells unpleasant, it will have an impact on your relaxation. As the bathroom is one of the rooms most likely to host unwelcome smells, it requires some extra attention to improve its aroma.

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The best thing to do is to clean your bathroom regularly, which not only prevents bad smells but also potential health risks from high levels of bacteria.

After cleanliness, adding scents is a good way to maintain a pleasant atmosphere if your bathroom is in regular use. You can choose fragrances to complement your décor or to create your preferred impression when using your bathroom.

This does not just apply to your bathroom at home. Commercial establishments can also increase customer and employee satisfaction by improving the cleanliness of their washrooms. Companies such as, a washroom supplier Gloucestershire, can provide appropriate advice and products.

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Popular bathroom fragrances include:

1. Fresh pine

The pine scent associated with many cleaning products makes a refreshing addition to your bathroom. It will create a clean and crisp atmosphere.

2. Relaxing vanilla sugar

If you want something more subtle, vanilla sugar may be a good choice. This has a sweet, soothing smell that is unlikely to overwhelm you and may work particularly well in a bathroom in white or other neutral colours.

3. Feminine floral

On the other hand, floral scents tend to be much stronger. They may be able to disguise even the most unpleasant odours, but some people may experience adverse reactions to that strength. Check whether other members of the household find your floral scent acceptable before installing it or go for the gentler aroma of potpourri as an alternative. A flowery pink or purple bathroom is particularly suited to floral scents.

4. Energising citrus

If you want to warm up your bathroom with a scent that is happy and summery, citrus is a good option. It may even help to give you more energy. Good colour schemes for citrus scents include warm orange and gold shades.

5. Cosy apple cinnamon

For a more autumnal warmth, apple and cinnamon may be more appropriate. Another more subtle scent, it will bring an aura of cosiness to your bathroom. Cinnamon and other spices will particularly complement a brown bathroom.