The Chinese practice of feng shui dates back thousands of years and involves finding a balance between the elements. This philosophy follows the belief that you can organize your environment in a certain way to increase harmony and stimulate positive energy.

So, if you are interested in feng shui for your home office, but you’re not sure where to start, keep reading. Here are some tips on how you can manage this space, as well as helpful hints on how to lay out the space, including the arrangement of your office furniture.

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How to organize your home office

Get rid of clutter

Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to feng shui, and it is believed that disorganization can drain and repress your best intentions. If you have a messy desk, you may find that you are easily distracted from the job at hand, which in turn can cause a significant dip in your productivity level. Consequently, it is important not to allow this kind of mess to ruin your ability to work well.

If your setup is currently looking a little messed up, start by having a clear out and get rid of anything you do not need.

Invest in an appropriate storage solution

You cannot expect to maintain an organized work space without the appropriate storage solutions, so it’s worth investing in a few key pieces. For example, a lower pedestal table is ideal for keeping your office essentials out of sight but still within easy reach. This is particularly useful because it also means you do not need to get up and break your focus when you need something. For Gloucester Office Furniture, visit a site like

Schedule regular clean ups

Ensuring you keep a neat and tidy home office will require some effort on your part. One way to stay on top of cleanliness in your workspace is to schedule regular clean ups. For example, you could try to dedicate one night a week for decluttering your desk. Not only will it give you a chance to get rid of anything you may have recently accumulated, but it will mean you can enjoy a clean and clear desk the next day.

Keep your office away from your bedroom

Under the guidelines of feng shui, it is important to keep your home office as far away from your bedroom as possible. If your home allows, having a separate entrance into your workspace is ideal. However, if you cannot do this, do not worry, just try to make as much of a division between the office and your bedroom.

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Think about the quality of air and light

Water and light are two important qualities in feng shui. A poorly lit, poorly ventilated space can seriously hamper your health and happiness, which can have an impact on your ability to work well. This means it is important to think about these elements when it comes to the layout of your office space.

The addition of plants can help purify the air, and to improve the look and feel of the entire room. In fact, it is thought that leafy accessories can help eliminate negative energy, which is an important part of the concept of feng shui.