Yesterday, when we talked about the velvet shoes in our week’s shopping, I commented that soon you would have an article with the main fashion trends fall 2017. The truth is that I could not wait any longer to tell you everything that is coming. Many of these proposals will be more ideal for the winter, but if they are already in store will need to be discussed.

By the way, all the images of fashion fall 2017 that we are going to see are of the new collection of Zara. I tell you this because you always ask me where each thing is and it is easier for all of them.



The bomber returns for another year. This season is reinvented and we will see it following numerous styles. With hood or without it, short or long and in thousands of colors. Although the military bomber is the one that I like the most.


This spring the metallic garments began their reign, but it is now when they will occupy much of our closets. From super-disco dresses and riddled with sequins and glitter, to pants, tops or skirts. This metallic jacket Zara has all the earmarks of becoming the new yellow jacket Zara. Do not you think?


The velvet is in fashion. Yesterday we saw an infinity of velvet shoes, but the dresses, pants and tops are also going to abuse this material. This long dress, silver – tone is my favorite season.


When we saw the campaign Disco Forest Zara already made us an idea of fashion trends autumn 2017would come. Undoubtedly, the coats of paintings will be part of our lives as we leave this stifling heat.


Let’s see, girls, do not you still have your slip dress in the closet? Well, do not expect more because it is the pledge of the moment. If it is cold you can put it with a simple shirt underneath. Although, I love it alone, no more. There’s something for the hunters, right?


If you go to Zara or any other modern fashion store will find that the 2017 fall fashion brings us pleated skirts galore. It is best to unify top trends. This one I teach you, in old silver is my favorite of the season.


The tulle skirts are always a classic love fashionistas. But it seems that the fall 2017 fashion will allow us to wear skirts and tulle dresses in any situation. In Stradivarius, they have infinity of garments of this roll.


The collar choker is the essential accessory of the moment. I love this one of Zara, but in any store, they have ideal options to succumb to the trends of the moment. If you combine a pair of chokers, you’ll get a great look. If you are going to put on a slip dress do not forget your choker.


Patches come back and do it all over. The autumn 2017 fashion collections bring us all kinds of patch-plagued garments and pins everywhere.


We finish our brief review of the fall 2017 fashion trends talking about oversize sweatshirts. The most characteristic will be the color, which moves away from the classic winter tones to bet on white and vibrant colors.