How often do we check our smartphone every day? 50 times every 16 hours. In practice once every 6.5 minutes (source Tomi Ahonen search Nokia). We control social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And, since we are a generation of wwworkers who never unplugged, we check emails from smartphones.

Here then that those who prophesied the end of the emails will have to change their mind. Because they are reborn in the form of newsletters. The New York Times said this in a piece by David Carr: according to a study by Quartz, on 940 executives interviewed the newsletter loyalises users and then generates business.

Author storytelling. So every week the ecommerce of organic products it reaches its users via e-mail: the startup tells the bio-partners, that is, the partner farms, and with the newsletter reaches a large number of users. “We communicate the products, which are grown by local farmers, respecting the biological and biodynamic principles of zero km, seasonality and variety. The deliveries are made in Turin, Genoa and Milan using bicycles in the historic centers »says Tom Dean English now based in Novi Ligure, founder of the project, which started making biodynamic viticulture at a very young age. “Then in 2009 I set up a network of local fruit and vegetable farms to take home,” says Dean. Every seven days the newsletter is sent with a specific thematic declination.

With the photos it’s better. The strength of the newsletter is also given by the photographic element: it is the choice, a portal founded in England in 2010 by young entrepreneur Ning Li and the co-founder of, Brent Hoberman Made brings together designers from all over the world and presents unique design products, sold online without intermediaries.

Digital platform. The e-mails are based on the success of a startup set up in a small office in Cremona, which has now exploded in international markets and is now listed on the stock exchange. This is Mailup, born 11 years ago by Luca Azzali, Matteo Bettoni, Nazzareno Gorni, Alberto Miscia, and Matteo Monfredini. Mailup has developed a digital platform chosen by SMEs and large companies to create, send and monitor newsletters, emails, text messages. Over 25 billion messages sent every year to 8 thousand customers. “Our goal now is to focus on emerging markets,” says CEO Nazzareno Gorni.

How to increase the business with an effective email marketing activity? Here are the suggestions of

  1. Collect contacts with prior consent: your recipients must have registered voluntarily and in a verifiable manner.
  2. Create responsive and impactful emails: a clear and optimized design for mobile visualizations is essential.
  3. Care for the subject of the email: honest, catchy. That makes you want to click.
  4. Keep lists clean: consider users’ responsiveness, give frequency of submissions and eliminate those who report you as spam.
  5. Analyze the results of the campaign: consult the sending statistics to measure the interest of the recipients.