Did you know that cotton swabs are not the most appropriate for the hygiene of the ears? Below we tell you everything you need to know about it.

The hygiene of the ear acquires a great importance when the summer season arrives since it is when a greater amount of aquatic activities is carried out. And is that, although it seems a harmless question, the fact of spending a little time underwater can affect us in different ways if we do not implement the necessary measures.

Usually, when we refer to the hygiene of the ear, we usually think about cleaning it with the classic cotton buds because it is what we have been taught during childhood. However, this is neither the only nor the most appropriate measure, according to health professionals. This is because the cotton swab does not remove the dirt but pushes it towards the back of the ear, so there is always the risk of promoting the accumulation of earwax and, also, of rubbing the ear canal.

The hygiene of the ear in general

Health professionals indicate that the best time to carry out ear hygiene is after bathing or showering. Because the moisture softens the ceriman and allows it to be removed more easily. In fact, it has been found that the most advisable to remove dirt from the ears is to use liquid diffusers specially developed for it.

Most diffusers consist of solutions based on seawater, but there are also other solutions specially formulated for the removal of excess wax like Otospray, from Reig Jofre laboratories, which contains the necessary elements to prevent the formation of a stopper and, in turn, remove the excess ceriman correctly. Otospray is a product for ear hygiene 3E

The main components of Otospray are docusate sodium, beta-cyclodextrins, which together with the purified water help to soften the excess of ceriman and wrap it for later elimination, in an easy and effective way. It is therefore a solution of purified water, microbiologically controlled, that meets the 3E:

  • Emulsion: Emollient action that softens and dissolves ceriman in smaller parts.
  • Encapsula: Enveloping action of cerumen to form micelles that facilitate its transport in an aqueous medium.
  • Eliminates: Wax entrainment action wrapped in micelles, for elimination

Under no circumstances should resort to home remedies for cleaning the ears as they can harm us instead of helping us in our task.

Care during the summer

During the summer people usually visit beaches and other aquatic spaces regularly. And the great majority considers that the only measure that must take into account is the good drying of the ears once they have left the water. While this is important, do not forget that there are other summer activities that significantly influence the ears: the noise in music events both outdoors and indoors.

In other words, the fact of spending a certain time underwater and attending music events in which the volume is very high can affect the health of the ear in various ways. The most immediate consequence is the tapenade due to the increase in ceriman production. Because of this, many choose to clean their ears more than regularly and inappropriately.

The best way to take care of your ears during the summer is as follows:

  1. Do not remove ceriman every day. Leave a margin of 3 and 4 days between each cleaning.
  2. Do not use cotton swabs or introduce any other type of objects. Neither should you use your finger.
  3. Do not wash your ears with soap during bathing or showering. Instead, what you can use is an aqueous spraysolution after the bath.
  4. Always dry your ears gently after bathing. It is not recommended to introduce the fingers or a fold of the towel as these can rub the most sensitive parts of the ear and damage it.

How is a cleaning solution applied?

To apply a cleaning solution like Otospray in an appropriate way, the first thing we have to take into account is the humidity factor. Once we have showered or bathed, we must tilt the head and press lightly the spray nozzle at the entrance of the ear. Leave the liquid for a couple of seconds and proceed immediately to dry and listen with a towel.

For future uses, it is always necessary to wash the applicator with hot water after each application. And, of course, it should not be shared with any person. There are different pressures according to the consumer’s need to choose. Otospray 100 ml soft pressure and Otospray junior 50 ml of softer pressure. With Otospray Ear hygiene 3E.