If you still have doubts about what is the fashion for this summer in frames, glasses and others, you cannot miss our references in sunglasses.

Extravagance and challenge are two words that will mark the new fashion trend in sunglasses for this summer 2018. The shapes, sizes and colors, together, will make the face not go unnoticed at all. And what is what is sought with it? Demonstrate audacity and impose style. 

Love her or hate her, the new fashion in sunglasses has arrived and there is no turning back. In a daring way, all the shop windows now display their goods with a certain air of other past decades. They catch the eye and, without a doubt, cause a great impact. If your dream is to look like you just came out of an haute couture catwalk, it’s worth following the new fashion in sunglasses.

50, 60 and 90 return in sunglasses

Straight from the fifties and sixties they have returned the white mounts, of an intermediate thickness and of elongated form (to a greater or lesser extent). At that time they used to have dark crystals, with which the contrast between white and black was very marked. However, today, although the frames are still quite similar to the original, the crystals are clear, to give a much fresher and more youthful, and come in the following tones:

  • Amber.
  • Yellow.
  • Pale pink.
  • Light brown.

The mounts of white pasta will be the queens of this season. However, you can get models that have details in gold, cream or beige. On the other hand, there will be mounts “on the air” with double bridge that imitate the most classic pasta models, something that will undoubtedly be very innovative.

In contrast to the trend of the decade of the fifties and sixties, they have returned the frames of small dimensions typical of the nineties. They do not really protect the eye from sunlight, but yes, they are very chicIn fact, all celebrities are betting to use very often this type of sunglasses, from Gigi Hadid to the Kardashian- Jenner sisters.

The big fashion houses have also brought to the market models of sunglasses with very thin tortoiseshell frames and light blue crystals. And although they have not managed to impose themselves as much as those of white pasta, they will not stop being in trend. The same with those glasses of glass and black frames (regardless of the decade in which they are inspired: fifty, sixty or ninety). Of course, black glasses, this season, will be used to complement sophisticated looks and very elegant. 

Gigi Hadid, the famous model and  it girl  loved by all the generations of the moment, has launched a line of sunglasses very wide in collaboration with Vogue Eyewear. And what is special about it? That despite taking inspiration in past decades seeks to create a style that is timeless and fun.

The model confessed in an interview to have distanced a little from the most extravagant models that used to take in the past and, instead, to have reconciled with the most classic and sober styles. Obviously, having a very creative personality, the result of his collection has been more than satisfactory in that he has managed to combine the classic with the fun and bold.

The yellow color for the crystals

Something that will undoubtedly be the “last shout of fashion” this season is the yellow color in clothes and, of course, in accessories. The sunglasses will not escape the joy of the color yellow, so you can find many models with this color in the crystals. They will bring a lot of fun to any look! Now, this color of crystals is not the most appropriate for continuous exposure to the sun, so you have to take some precautions in this regard.

The sunglasses with yellow crystals will also bring a lot of light to the face, which will be great in the photos and, of course, as a complement to events in which there is little sunlight. In fact, to be safe, it will be best to reserve them after the sun has gone down. 

The important thing will be that, despite the fashion in sunglasses, the most appropriate model is selected to favor facial features. In this way, there will be nothing that prevents achieving the absolute success in the look.