Whether you have a flair for writing or a talent for producing, there is nothing like the feeling of success that comes from getting that number 1 spot in the charts. However, there is one time of the year that stands out than any other; Christmas.

The Christmas number one is the spot everyone strives for, and this year will be no different. Although the last few years have been dominated by the recent winner of certain reality shows, there is a desire for something fresh and new to hit the scene.

Obviously there are the classic Christmas songs that are played year in year out, but it’s about time that the throne of Christmas classic was bought up to the 21st century. So do you have what it takes to be the next Number 1? Let’s have a look at the key factors successful songs have had:

Catchy Tune:

Mariah C, Wizard & Shakin’ Stevens have all managed to capture the essence of Christmas in the first few bars of the song being played. Everyone knows it and can carry on the melody without the words, making it the ideal seasonal song.

A Hook:

“It’s Chrriiissstttmmmassss!” Yep, a good Christmas song has a hook; one lyric or line that everyone remembers. To ensure you have a chance of making your Xmas song a success you need that one lyric that everyone can join in and sing along to.

A Snazzy Outfit:

Whether it’s a beard, make-up or glitter, the look of your band gives you the edge. It may not directly add to the song but these days a music video goes hand in hand with a song, so you need to be thinking of ideas prior to the release to make sure you have the biggest success.

Yuletide Giving:

Bob did it in ’89 and again in ’04, but the band aid record was a huge hit both times. Appeal to the sense of giving many people have this time of year and do something good for those in need. You’ll feel amazing that you’ve helped people with the money you raise as well as the sense of pride for whatever position you reach in the charts.

These are just a few tips that have helped singers reach that all important Christmas top spot. Of course, we have also seen the likes of Mr Blobby, Bob the Builder and even Nicole Kidman bag a no1 record, so don’t feel too awful if it doesn’t work out.

Of course, for some people this may seem like a distant dream but with the right coaching this could well happen. There are many different outlets that people have for their musical talent; blogs, viral videos, intimate gigs so make the most of your talent and channel it in the best way possible to achieve your ultimate goal.