Coffee has become the fuel that drives millions of workers around the world. If you’re planning to make it your business to sell coffee, or you’re looking to provide it in your workplace, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right option.

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Filter coffee machines

The best model if you need to produce large amounts of coffee in a hurry, and are less concerned about providing a wide choice. Filter coffee machines are usually cheaper and have the added benefit of being able to keep coffee warm for long periods, making them great for busy offices or corporate events.

Coffee pod machines

Similar in design but more sturdy than the popular models on offer to the home consumer market, commercial pod machines offer a great variety of options, from espressos to lattes and everything in between. They also look nice, with well-designed units and attractive pod containers making them a great addition to a reception area or executive lounge. They are also easy and fun to use. The downsides are they are more expensive to run per cup and create a large amount of waste. The city of Hamburg recently banned them from government buildings, so be sure to look into recycling options if you go down this route.

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Bean to cup machines

If you’re serious about delivering a quality coffee experience then you need a machine that can actually turn beans into the finished product. Having a bean to cup machine gives you the versatility to experiment with a range of different coffee beans to find the perfect combinations. It is also the only style of machine that can properly steam milk to create real lattes. While coffee pods have similar options, they can’t replicate what you’d find in a genuine coffee shop. As one of the most expensive types of equipment, you should do your research if you’re thinking of going down this route. Luckily, you can find a wide range of catering equipment in Leicester from places like

Whatever option you go for, you’ll also want to factor in reliability. You certainly don’t want to be replacing a unit more than once every few years and be sure to look for energy efficient devices as well, as longer term this can really make a difference to running costs.