When it comes to living a safer and healthier life, there’s no alternative to whole house water filters. It, in fact, is one of the most important fitness equipment that one can buy. While we slog for hours in the gym hoping to etch out a well toned body, most of us remain blissfully unaware of the importance of clear and safe drinking water, the building block for life.

A whole house water filter gets rid of all problems and outputs clear and safe water. These systems carefully eliminate the most challenging issues in water filtration like cloudy water, blue-green or rusty staining and rotten egg smell; and all these without burning a hole in the pocket.

Going a step further, combination systems have now been introduced in the market that comprises the filtration unit and a salt free water softening unit. Such systems eliminate contaminants and scale build-ups, prevent build-up of future water and saves money on plumbing problems. The valves, heads and tanks usually last a lifetime. Once the filtration media in the system reach their optimum capacity, you simply have to replace the media which takes less than 30 minutes and can be done with minor instruction. Just disconnect the tank, unplug the valve, dispose the expired media and reconnect the system.

Why Carbon Filtration Over RO? 

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a very effective method to remove majority of the water contaminants. But RO, unfortunately, highly filters and largely removes all the organic and healthy minerals from water. Scientific studies have revealed that many RO based whole house water filters, because of the over filtration, creates an imbalance among important elements in the body. Carbon filters leave calcium and other useful minerals and takes out chlorine, chloramines and many harmful contaminants. Carbon doesn’t eliminate the bacteria but that’s not worrisome because all municipal filters primarily eliminate bacteria. Granular activated carbon (GAC) is the best for whole house water filters.

Generally speaking, whole house filters use multi-stage filtration process to output the most intensive purification. A unit could be attached directly at the main water supply or at individual sinks.

Why Whole House Filters are the Best? 

A whole house water filter is a comprehensive solution for your family. Shower filters can’t provide complete protection against chloramines and chlorine. Faucet filters, too, doesn’t have the capacity to filter out the chlorine completely over a long period of tie. Besides, there’s the regular problem of changing filters every alternate months to maintain the standards.

Frankly speaking, there are numerous options available to buyers as regards whole house water filters. Ahead of buying a unit for your home, educate yourself on the difference between every unit. Carefully consider the performance data sheet of each unit. This would give you a clear idea about how far the whole house filter would be able to purify your water. Water purity regulations also vary between states and that help you decide about which unit to buy. In the US, California has the most stringent regulations and buying a California certified system would give you the best one.