The town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire is the host to a number of prestigious festivals that attracts celebrities and the public alike to its renowned Georgian features. It sits near, but not in, the Cotswolds, though it does claim the be that area of outstanding natural beauties “cultural” capital which is a fair claim. Cirencester is really the Capital of the Cotswolds but in festivals Cheltenham holds sway.

The Festivals of Cheltenham do make a it an attractive place to live and Houses for sale in Cheltenham are greatly sought after. Why not check out this website if you have or are considering a move to the “cultural” capital it will certainly help you get some ideas as to what is on offer.

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Literature Festival

Set in and around the impressive Town Hall and the Imperial Gardens in the centre of the town the Literature festival is a mellow affair, set as it is in Autumn, the season of mellow fruitfulness and melancholic reflection. There are with a few twists and surprises here and there to be found. 2017 saw a very open and frank Hillary Clinton discuss all things presidential election opening many eyes.

Music festival

This jaunty festival runs in the summer in flaming July. Cheltenham once held the record for the hottest place in Britain, so it benefits from some clement weather conditions allowing for a lot of outdoor activities. There are the standard chamber arrangements but where else will you be able to e hear the renowned and accomplished violinist Nigel Kennedy play the songs of Jimi Hendrix on a Stradivarius.

Science Festival

The town turns itself into a hotbed of discussion and new ideas as Scientists and the presenters of Science like Dara O’Brian come to the town. There are many opportunities that the public can be involved and even participate in the ongoing experiments that the scientists may have brought with them.

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Racing Festival

This the big one and the most visited by far. 4 days of March are devoted to this racing extravaganza. Like the others, it is world recognised as being one of the most atmospheric and best to attend.

It is essential to book as the Festival gets very busy, the local area view the festivals as being an essential part of the social season and will look to get in there early. The areas is very well serviced with hotels and if the town is full then the towns of Cirencester and Gloucester are also available to stay in and can offer great places to visit as well.