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How Marriage Has Changed

Marriage has changed a great deal in just a few decades. Gone is the obligatory white dress, posed formal photos and stuffy traditions. Weddings today have an ‘anything goes’ feel where brides and grooms can call the shots. Here are some obvious things that have changed about marriage:


Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that they are everywhere. Unfortunately, you can see at least one in each picture – and it’s even worse when the bride is taking selfies for social media profiles! Children are not running amok on the dance floor but is stuck in a corner on their iPads. A counterattack has begun, the so-called ‘unplugged’ marriages where such devices are prohibited.

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  1. Non-Traditional Wedding

Instead of you fitting the wedding, the wedding now fits you. The whole experience is really personal now, no matter what happens. Websites and magazines have done a great job in displaying all kinds of offbeat wedding styles, including brides showing off their tattoos, for example. A decade ago, these would not have been shown. If you want to get married in a barn wearing boots, now you can! For details on Wedding Venues Newbury, visit a site like Newbury Races, one of the best Wedding Venues Newbury

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  1. Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony

A modern trend is to ditch the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. There are many benefits to forgetting this tradition. First Looks, as the trend is known, can make the day run smoother and feel much more relaxed. You can get all the official photos done and enjoy a drink with your guests before the ceremony, so you can relax immediately after the vows have been exchanged.

Your Wedding Day needs the right dress

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a woman will ever have to make. As well as the dress itself, other things to consider are whether to wear a veil and whether you should have a train. Here we look at choosing a dress, as well as the pros and cons of veils and trains.

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Choosing the Right Dress

According to Brides Magazine the average cost of a wedding dress is £1378. There are many beautiful wedding dress designs to choose from but at that sort of price, it is vital that you pick the design and style that is right for you.  Some brides pick a dress that suits the venue they have chosen for their big day for example somewhere like a Windsor Hotel found at options including
Your wedding dress should say something about you and be right for your shape and frame. It should also be appropriate for your wedding and the time of year that you have chosen to get married. You may want to keep the style simple without a veil or a train but for some women, both of these items are essential to the perfect dress.

Veil or Train? Both or Neither!

According to, the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore in 2011 is still influencing wedding dress styles after five years. The fact that she had a train has meant that this part of the wedding dress is now back in fashion. However there are rules of etiquette regarding having a train on your wedding dress so these should be considered when making your choice.

On a practical point, if you have a train of any length it is a good idea if possible to hook it up either inside or outside your dress for when you are dancing in the evening. With regard to a veil, some like the tradition of having the face covered at the start of the wedding while others are less bothered so this really is a matter of personal choice. For those that are aiming for a veil or a train, many people use sites like google and others for more ideas regarding potential looks.

Hopefully this has not only given you ideas about the sort of dress you might want but has provided some food for thought about whether you want a veil or a train to add that little bit extra to your dress.

Reasons to choose a country house wedding

If you’re organising your wedding this year, here are some compelling reasons to choose a venue in the beautiful British countryside in a country house setting:

  1. Bring on the beauty

Is there anything quite as romantic as the British countryside in spring or summer? Country houses boast lush gardens, ancient trees, flowering blooms and possibly even a lake, bubbling brook or featured bridges and interesting architecture. All of which create an idyllic environment for your wedding photos.

  1. Exclusive use

Many country houses offer exclusive use for your big day, so you can enjoy all the grounds have to offer in true style. You won’t end up feeling restricted, won’t bump into any other brides and can truly feel like you own the place for the day.

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  1. The great outdoors

A country house wedding offers the best of both worlds. You can celebrate indoors or outdoors in the wonderful surroundings of the countryside. Warm, sunny days can be spent in the gardens enjoying drinks and garden games but should the weather turn, the stunning interior can still be enjoyed.

  1. Best memories

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos. Ornate rooms, attractive entrances, architectural features and bountiful gardens await your photographer, leaving you with no shortage of precious memories to treasure forever. For Wedding Venues Northamptonshire that offer this experience, visit

  1. Spoil your guests

Guests will live the setting and can be treated like VIPs for the day. Country houses offer ease of parking, tranquillity away from the hustle of the city and accommodation on site so they can make a break of it. If you love the thought of having your nearest and dearest close by for the whole weekend, then a country house venue is the perfect option.

  1. Have your ceremony at the venue

Many couples choose to marry in a licenced venue and hold their celebrations in the same place. It lessens the burden of transport costs and the ornate rooms of a country house are bound to be more pleasant than the local registry office. This opens up the option to hold the ceremony in a beautiful part of the garden if the weather is good or inside if it isn’t. Everyone can relax as the logistics of the day are smoother as you flow from one element of the day to another in the same venue.

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  1. Full of character and spacious

Country houses were often designed to include entertaining for the wealthy as one of their purposes. This means that they offer space, such as grand ballrooms, great dining rooms and banquet halls for example. If you’re planning a large wedding, a venue like this is ideal. Country houses are full of character and space for your guests to spread out and relax in comfort and elegance.

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