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Places to See when you Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the places in the world that is home to areas of stunning natural beauty. Unsurprisingly, for many people a holiday to New Zealand is a lifetime dream so when you finally get that you want to make the most of it!


Because of the distance and the sheer number of things that you will probably want to pack in, it is best to go to New Zealand for a few weeks in order to get the most out of your holiday. It is also a good idea to look for New Zealand self drive holidays such as these by New Zealand in Style so that you can get about to the places that you want on your own schedule.


Here are some of New Zealand’s best destinations to visit whilst you are there if you are looking for some inspiration…

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Abel Tasman – If you are looking for idyllic beaches then this is the place for you. The golden sand and clear blue waters are perfect on this patch of the South Island and you can also enjoy kayaking to look for dolphins who live in the area!


The International Antarctic Centre -head to Christchurch where you will find this fascinating attraction. Explore the amazing continent of Antarctica and find out more about the conservation work and rich array of wildlife that call this hostile environment home.

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The Volcano on White Island – To see the real breath-taking natural wonder of this magical country, head to White Island and see the active volcano doing its thing! Just a short boat ride from the North Island this is something not to be missed.

Walking in the British National Parks

One of the best things in life that we can all enjoy is the great outdoors – in these troubling times, being close to nature and appreciating the natural beauty of the countryside is a great way to relive stress and to help our bodies to stay well as well as our minds.


Walking is one of the most enjoyable activities in the scenic countryside and national parks – with so much to explore and to see there is plenty to keep you busy, whether you enjoy a challenging climb or a gentle stroll.

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The UK is lucky enough to have many national parks for all to enjoy – there will certainly be one near to your home if you don’t want to travel far, or go further afield and make a walking holiday of it. The map shop walking maps will be able to help you to navigate the parks and the routes that you can take through them, so you won’t end up getting lost!


To be inspired, walk the Coleridge route in Exmoor – the landscape that inspired the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge will certainly inspire you too, as you take in the views from the Quantocks.


Or how about heading further north to the Northumberland national park? Walk through history from coast to coast as you explore the Hadrian’s Wall trail.

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If you want something more challenging, head further north and take on the West Highland way – the Scottish Highlands, Ben Nevis and Fort William can all be explored on this trail and the views are outstanding.


Six Interesting Facts About the Aran Islands

The Aran Islands are well known as a beautiful holiday destination for those seeking dramatic scenery and a taste of authentic Irish culture. However, there is more to them than meets the eye, as these six facts show.

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A Long History

The islands have been home to many different settlers over the centuries, reaching back over 2,500 years. Dun Aengus, a fort on Inishmore, dates back to 1300 BC. In fact, the Aran Islands are considered to have more ancient monuments than anywhere else in Europe.

The Aran Islands are also renowned as a place of Christian pilgrimage, with monasteries on each of the three islands. The islands’ patron saint, St Enda, is said to have miraculously travelled there in a boat made of stone.

The thatched houses typical of the Islands usually kept the front and back doors held open. This helped to keep the home well aired and also created a friendly, welcoming impression. There were superstitions about leaving through the back door- guests were not permitted to do so, for fear of bad luck. However, if a member of the household were to pass away, it was traditional that they would be carried out in their coffin through the rear exit.

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Myths and Traditions

It’s a place where myths are still revered: there is still talk of faeries at the fort Dun Fearbhai. Another superstition relates to the story of a witch living on the islands who protected them from the British landing by conjuring powerful sea storms. The famous playwright J.M. Synge took great inspiration from the tales he heard whilst living there.

The Aran Islands are rightly famous for their intricate cabled knitwear, which has become popular worldwide. It’s said that each family had its own distinct designs, but recurring motifs such as the honeycomb stitch were supposed to bring good luck. Today, traditional Aran sweaters are as practical and stylish as ever. You can find a range of Irish Aran wool sweaters from Shamrock Gift.

Fishing is still the main way of life on the islands, although tourism also provides revenue in the summer months. Though the fishermen were highly skilled at their work, it used to be traditional that they were unable to swim: the reasoning being that they would therefore be more cautious towards the wild seas they faced.

Start with the Carnival Capital of Germany to explore all this country has to offer

Germany is so much more than sausages and beer. It is a beautiful country steeped in history, from the Romans to the devastation of the Second World War. Germany is an easy country to visit, with great transport links and many different regions offering everything from Oktoberfest to Beethoven. Here are some of the best German cities to visit, starting with the Carnival Capital, Cologne, the ideal gateway to the rest of the country:


Flying into Cologne provides the perfect base for exploring the rest of Germany, as well as being close enough to the Netherlands and Belgium to include those in your itinerary too. This is one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful cities, founded by the Romans. The cathedral is a sight to behold, soaring 157 metres into the sky and is the first thing visitors see when they arrive by train. A walk through the old town and along the Rhine is highly recommended. You’ll discover museums, art galleries and the visitor favourite – Cologne Chocolate Museum. Discover the story of the cocoa bean and enjoy the chocolate fountains to conclude. Come during Carnival time, just before Lent and you’ll see why they call Cologne the carnival capital of Germany. For flights to Cologne from Irish Airports, visit

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No visit to Germany would be complete without taking in the capital. After being separated after World War Two, Berlin was reunified in 1990 when the famous wall came down and since then has emerged into a cosmopolitan, arty city with amazing nightlife, history and architecture. Be sure to visit the Reichstag and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, before taking in one of the many cultural festivals held throughout the year, especially the Christmas Markets.


Known as Munchen, this city is the gateway to the Alps and the capital of the region of Bavaria. Here you’ll experience the traditional German ham hocks and lederhosen, beer festivals and all those things outsiders associate with the best of Germany. You’ll also discover some great museums and architecture, as well as some more quirky attractions like a nudist lawn, surfing canal and the beautiful English Garden.

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Frankfurt is a major travel hub for the whole of Europe, but don’t be tempted to pass straight through. Rather, stay a while and take in the incredible new architecture that emerged after the destruction of WWII. The banking sector is home to shiny skyscrapers, with the Main Tower open to sightseers to get an amazing view of the Main River.


For those looking for a fun, relaxed vibe, Dusseldorf is the place to be. There is a rich art scene here and the city was also home to composers like Mendelssohn and Schumann. You’ll also find plenty of trade shows here throughout the year, with the world’s largest fashion fair taking place here every January. Visiting at any other time, you can still enjoy the best shopping on the famous Konigsalle. After all that shopping and art-admiring, relax with a local Altbier, the German equivalent of a brown ale. Dusseldorf’s old town has been called the ‘longest bar in the world’, so you’ll be sure to find somewhere perfect to enjoy a drink and watch the world go by.



Goa – The Best Place to Have the Ocean Experience

Winters are on the way.  The cold shivering breezes is started blowing all around. With this most of the people started to plan their winter holidays.  The sea beaches are the ultimate choice of many people to enjoy the winters. As sea beaches are comparatively soothing than the plain and mountainous regions.  Goa is located in the western coast of India prevailing in the region of Western Ghats of Arabian Sea.  It is the place from where the scenic beauty of Arabian is best observed.  Goa is the favorite destination from the people all around. Let’s have a look what Goa exceptionally offers to its visitors.

Goa is the home of many beautiful beaches in the country. It is a much planned city of India. As it is the favorite tourist spot for both domestic and foreign tourists, it is also designed according to the convenience of the visitors. Panaji is the capital city of Goa.  The place offers the most beautiful beaches in not only the country but in the whole continent Asia. Except the beaches Goa also offers the following things:

Nightlife of Goa

The nightlife of Goa is very famous in the whole continent. The people are very broad minded and the place offers very high lifestyles.  The nightlife, casinos, bars, pubs are always crowded to make fun and to enjoy life to the fullest.  There are also many small cottages available on the beaches of Goa. One can entirely book the cottage for private use or can also share with others.  These small cottages are very beautiful and offer all kinds of luxuries where one can enjoy everything what he wants to.  Starting from foods to drinks everything available in the nail point with lots of entertainment.

Foods of Goa

Goa offers many unique foods.  The restaurants of the place offer all kinds of food starting from the local items to the exceptional continental foods. As the place is having major population of the Portuguese, it offers some unique things what are not available in the entire country India.  Sea foods like prawn, lobsters, and crabs are very famous among the food lovers.

Boat Experience

The best part of Goa tour is to enjoy its boats experience.  Whoever visits of Goa becomes fond of Arabian Sea. The changing shade of the sea with the movement of the sun gives exceptional scenic beauty. The beauty of the sea is not comparable to any other beaches of the continent.  And when these are experienced by sitting in traditional boat then the joy increases with number of times.  The place offers both the traditional boats of the old times with the newest technological motor boats. The yacht charter Phuket, colorful yacht, the hot air balloon rides and parachutes rides on the white beaches makes the trip unforgettable.

Beaches of Goa

The very famous beaches of Goa are the Palolem beach, Mandrem Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach; Candolim Beach and so on gives some unforgettable scenic beauty and experiences. Must visit Goa!

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