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Differences between content marketing and native advertising

If when you read the phrase “native advertising” you immediately think of Content Marketing you are making a mistake.

When the term “native advertising” appeared in Spanish, many marketers began to use it in an interchangeable way with the term Content Marketing. However, it is important that you understand the differences between the two. Read More

Reasons Why Google Is Shutting Down Orkut

Already 13 years passed to Orkut, and finally the time has come to say goodbye to it. We know that Google faced problems with the Orkut platform since past few years. And not having any profit with it, the team of Google was thinking to eliminate Orkut from the Google and it is on September 30, 2014. Read More

How To Get More Twitter Followers The Easiest Way

Are you having the itch to get more followers your Twitter web page, yet not sure if there are truly any advantages to purchasing these things? Check out the post listed here for you to figure out exactly what might be the most effective choice to alleviate your anxiousness. Read More

Maximizing LinkedIn To Find Customers

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, it is the number one social network for professionals. Like Facebook, people connect with others they know, yet unlike Facebook, they skip the party and baby pictures and focus on business relationships. Your “connections” represent the growth of your network. LinkedIn excels in driving corporate traffic towards businesses. It is so effective, 93% of marketers rate LinkedIn as effective for generating leads, and 65% of businesses report acquiring leads through LinkedIn. Read More