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The many benefits of using a professional web designer

If you’re building a website from scratch or revamping your existing online presence, you might be tempted to do it yourself. However, here are five reasons why hiring a professional web design agency is a better option.

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1. Save time (and money)

Even using an accessible content management system (such as WordPress), building a website takes time. And building a professional site takes even longer! Hiring an agency costs money but can be a long-term cost saving. If you build a site that doesn’t get results, then you may have to call in the experts anyway. Your professionally designed site will be built to maximise conversions.

2. Benefit from a professional website

An amateur-looking website makes your business look, well, amateur. A web design agency will ensure that your site gives the best first impression to customers. A design agency will also ensure that your site is fully protected. As guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre underlines, a key aspect of designing a professional website is security, especially if it’s an e-commerce site.

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3. A wider online strategy

Rather than just delivering a website, a design agency can help you to formulate a comprehensive online strategy that includes your social media presence, digital advertising, and copywriting.

4. Stand out from the competition

If you’re new to web design, you might be tempted to build a site similar to your competitors’. An agency will create a site that stands out and appeals to your target customer base. If your customer base is in the north of England, for example, hiring a Yorkshire web designer, such as, can help you appeal to the local market. Likewise, if your audience is international, you can hire an agency with global experience.

5. Site visibility

If you want your website content to be found easily then you need to make sure it’s optimised for search engines. A good web design agency will understand the latest SEO techniques and make that your website visible to your potential customers.

Designing your own website might turn out be a false economy. A website is a key marketing tool and it’s important that it helps, rather than hinders, your business. Still not convinced? The second part of our article brings you yet more reasons to bring in the experts!

Cambridgeshire Skip Mystery: Identity of Severed Head Still Unknown

Skip diving is a popular hobby and members of all social classes seem to indulge. Skip hire contracts and bye-laws place obligations on users not to leave hazardous materials in skips unless by special arrangement, but that does not make them safe places to rummage.

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Mepal Cambridgeshire 2016

One of the most gruesome finds was certainly that of a decomposing severed head in a skip delivered to a disposal site off the A142 between Ely and Chatteris. Police investigations led back to a bridge renovation in Bedfordshire. How the head came to be amongst bridge debris remains unanswered, but one suggestion is that it could have been lodged in the structure for decades following a collision with a train on the track beneath.

Other Shocking Skip Finds

Something that might just beat a severed head for shock value was the discovery of a two week old baby girl in a skip in Patong, Thailand. Fortunately the abandoned child was spotted while still in good health.

Other gruesome finds have included two plastic urns of human ashes in a skip in Motherwell, and two coffins in a skip in Norwich. The ashes were mistakenly binned during a house clearance and returned to the grateful family. The coffins were surplus display items discarded by an undertaker – and fortunately unoccupied.

More likely to transport you to the grave would have been the live World War II artillery shell left in a skip near a petrol station in Cornwall in 2006.

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Reputable skip hire companies do their best to be accommodating to customers and responsible to the environment, but always warn them if your load is unusual (in Swansea skip hire firm are always happy to advise).

Skip Diving and the Law

Property does not cease to belong to anyone when it is placed in a skip or dustbin, however the Theft Act of 1968 leaves some ambiguity – see paragraph 2 of the “definition of theft”. Many skip users are pleased to have extra space made available and some actively encourage recycling for environmental reasons, but a few see it as a violation of privacy so always ask permission.

Skip hire and waste recycling firms can also be disadvantaged by the removal of items with a recycling value that could help subsidise the environmental services they provide.

Staying warm in the colder months

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to stay warm this winter. With the worry about rising energy prices, you don’t have to sit in the cold with these easy ways keep toasty when the temperature drops:

Tin Foil

Did you know that you can use tin foil for other great uses, not just in the kitchen? If you have radiators sitting on external walls then use tin foil behind the radiator. Aluminium is heat reflective so placing foil on the wall behind a radiator will effectively channel the heat back into the room and not escape through the wall or window frame. You can buy specially designed foil just for this purpose or normal kitchen foil will do the trick to a slightly lesser extent.


OK, so there might not be too much of this in deepest, darkest winter but any there is, you need to grab it. And it’s free! Open all curtains and blinds to let in the natural light and use this as a cheap way of letting in some additional heat while you can. Closing your curtains when dusk falls will also help to retain the heat in the room so don’t wait for it to fall dark before closing up blinds, shades and curtains. Before the winter hits, check your boiler as well as you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a problem during the coldest months. For Boiler installation Gloucester, visit

Fake Double Glazing

Double glazing is a very effective way of keeping heat inside, where it should be but if you can’t afford this option then you can fake it! A special film can be applied to single-glazed windows which mimics the effect of double glazing to a certain degree. You won’t be able to open your windows when you’ve applied the film but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue in the winter. At a cost of only about £15, it is an item that can be replaced the following year.

Check for sneaky draughts

There are quite a few ways you can be losing heat from your home that you might have overlooked or think are insignificant. Do you have a draught that comes through the letterbox for example? If so, a barrier brush might be the solution. Keyhole covers are cheap and easy to pop over any keyholes that might be letting in the cold air. Draught excluders for doors is another old-fashioned but effective answer to chilly breezes. You don’t even have to buy one as a DIY draught excluder can be made by stuffing an old pair of tights with socks or scraps of material!

Unblock your radiators

Space is an issue in many homes and the configuration of your furniture might be difficult to rearrange but if you’ve got large items in front of radiators then you’re blocking a lot of heat from reaching the room. Try not to place items like sofas in front of radiators or they will absorb all that lovely heat and leave you still feeling the chill.

Close the door on unused rooms

If you have a room or rooms you don’t use then shut them up. Why waste your energy heating them for no reason? Closing the door will help to keep the heat you have generated in a smaller area of your habited living space.

Surprising Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler

With hotter weather just around the corner, think about ways of keeping cool this summer. There are many ways of making your home more pleasant in the warmer months; these ideas are more effective than just throwing open the windows. Read More

A potted tale of St Patrick.

Come the 17th of March, Ireland and the many parts of the world with a strong Irish connection (New York and Chicago being two examples) go crazy in their celebration of the Patron Saint. There are parades and displays of everything Irish (or at least an approximation) and everyone can trace some ancestor back to the Emerald island done some family line, which, given the extent of the Irish Diaspora is not that far fetched. This means that anyone can see about giving some ST Patricks Day Gifts. For a range of unique ST Patricks day gifts click here.

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Patrick certainly led a busy life and was very deserving of his Sainthood. He came to Ireland at the command of the Pope but he had been there before the call was made. Patrick was originally a British Fisherman who was captured by Irish pirates in the Irish Sea. He was taken to Ireland as a slave but he soon began to rise up in the household he was kept in becoming trusted. He learnt the language quickly and also took note of the customs the people observed. In his head he compiled a dossier of information that was to serve him well on his second return.

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He escaped from Ireland to take up the religious life in Britain. Once back he rose through the ranks proving himself very capable. The Pope decided that it was time to take the word of God to the Irish and he had the perfect vessel to do it in the shape of the great Patrick.

Blow moulding vs injection moulding – what’s the difference?

These two methods of making plastic parts are widely used and both are cost effective. But it’s helpful when deciding which is suitable for a specific application to have an overview of the differences between them. So here’s a quick guide that should help.

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Blow moulding and its advantages

Blow moulding is somewhat similar to glass blowing. It produces an object that is hollow, and formed in one piece. The process can produce high volumes of items that are very uniform, such as bottles.

In general, machinery and production costs are lower with blow moulding. It produces pieces that are complete – if you think of the bottle, there’s no need to produce each half separately and join them. This means that blow moulding can make some shapes that would be impossible with injection moulding. From water bottles to automotive parts, blow moulding is ideal for items which are hollow and need to be produced as a whole.

Injection moulding and its advantages

This technique needs more engineering effort in terms of pre-production tooling and creating the moulds. In this process, the mould is injected with a liquid polymer which is under very great pressure and at a high temperature. Once cooled, the plastic parts are released.

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Plastic injection moulding has its own advantages. It’s an efficient and precise way to produce small parts in large volumes. It’s very flexible because changes in the material, or its colour, are easily made. And it’s efficient, with low wastage of materials.

Injection World magazine recently reported on the way that both hard and soft injection moulded plastics are taking weight out of cars – The use of inserted films, combined with injection moulding, means that objects can be produced and decorated in one process. Injection moulding allows surfaces such as high gloss, matte and semi-matte, so it lends itself to highly creative applications.

Each technology has its place. While injection moulding has more upfront cost in designing the mould, blow moulding tends to need greater supervision during production runs, to ensure that quality isn’t compromised by air leaks, streaks and wall thinning. The best course is to talk to an expert about your application to see which technique would be more suitable, and what new processes are available.


Will British hotels face bankruptcy?

Although the EU referendum divided the nation, there is no denying that it has resulted in bad news for some British businesses. The UK hotel business, for instance, is one that is expected to suffer significantly in the coming years. With much uncertainty surrounding the industry, hotel owners are being forced to tighten the purse strings.

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Hospitality in the current financial climate

According to research from an English accountancy firm, just under 2,000 companies in the hospitality industry risk insolvency due to the recent Brexit vote, with almost one-third of these potentially bankrupt by 2020. Unfavourable exchange rates are likely to increase the cost of food and drink imports, making eating out more expensive across the country and thus less popular amongst locals and tourists alike. That said, the weaker pound might attract a higher number of overseas visitors or might discourage the British public from going overseas for their holidays.

Back in May 2016, online resource BigHospitality predicted some of the negative effects that Brexit might have on the hospitality industry.

Effects on the hospitality sector

The referendum vote, alongside financial pressures stemming from internet comparison sites, is contributing to a lack of confidence in the future of the industry. Hotel owners are therefore being apprehensive about spending.  With tighter profit margins a very real possibility, companies must consider ways to conserve money whilst still attracting more overseas tourists. One way of doing this is to shop around for more economical options when it comes to interior furnishings and commercial equipment. With this in mind they will also be looking for bargains on the purchases they do spend on like Reception Chairs which they can find on options including

Although budget hotel chains such as Premier Inn are hugely popular amongst Britons and international visitors, what they do not offer customers is fresh food. For hotels with commercial restaurants, a range of equipment from crockery to commercial ovens can be purchased at competitive prices.
It is hard for anyone to know how the hospitality industry will look in a few years’ time; as such, we are just as unclear now on the status of British hotels as we were prior to the UK referendum vote and will be forced to wait and see whether the industry can pick itself up.

Reasons to purchase a property

Many people want to know what happens during a House Survey as it can be confusing to understand what they are paying for. There are a variety of different surveys available, suitable for different situations. Many people never get to this stage due to financial problems. However, for those who can afford it, buying a property could be a very good idea. Properties are a good investment and usually hold their value pretty well while also providing housing for the owner. Properties often increase in value if they are bought as a long-term investment, especially in a city like London. Many people choose to buy a property to put it on the rental market for a monthly return on their investment. For those who are not interested in buying a house, office blocks or studios are other types of property that could be invested in.


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There are also other options for those looking to invest their money, this could be through the purchase of stocks or bonds. Some people may choose to invest in mutual funds or even materials such as gold. Becoming a private investor in a new company is also a good option for those who want to be more proactive in creating or helping new businesses with their money.

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Ways to reduce your business costs

You can save money over time by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and setting up standard operating procedures, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of work either. You simply need to know where to put your money in most cases to make it work best for your business. One of the first things that you can do is look at using a Printer leasing. This is a great way to regulate the amount of printing that you do plus it spreads the costs and takes it away from an ad hoc basis.

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Technology? Embrace it!

Technology is a marvellous thing and you can use it to your benefit in several respects. There are so many ways you can capitalise on the resources available and reduce costs, from the use of open source software to remote desktop applications, to free project management and teleconference tools. Do your research to find out what technology can make it easier to run your business.

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Switch to remote workers.

Home working has been placed under a huge spotlight during the current situation. This begs the question, why bother with an office at all? Reduce those huge rates and office lease costs by simply having your team of employees use modern communication and meeting tools. Utilise public hub spots for meetings.

The Landline? Ditch it?

There are costly and redundant conventional phone lines. Opt for VoIP, virtual lines or cell phones, and since you will not have line rentals and other related costs, you will reduce expenses drastically.

Why clothing brands use celebrity sponsorships

Mens designer Tshirts are available on countless of different websites. Some more trustworthy than others. Customers should always ensure that they are shopping from a reputable company on order to avoid scams or the purchase of fake goods. EJ Menswear is a well-known and safe company which sells many different designer items on their websites. The website provides gentlemen of all shapes and sizes with classy and sophisticated designer garments. Other fashion websites are often less specialised and offer cheaper items for men and women. Although these can be more attractive due to the low cost, they often get returned or exchanged and do not last as long. These retailers can sell anything ranging from clothing to jewellery, makeup, shoes, handbags, and other fashion accessories. They often also make use of the latest fashion trends to sell a lot of fast fashion items which usually do not last long and become very outdated in a matter of months. 

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Fashion bloggers and popular social media users are often seen wearing these cheap but fashionable items in order to sell them. Sponsorships are often used by new brands in order to create a well-known brand presence. Musicians and actors are also often hired by clothing brands with bigger marketing budgets. Different artists appeal to different markets and their outreach can create a large increase in sales both online and in store.

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