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Are you following these designers for men

There are many fashion designers across the world all of whom will have their own take on what is fashionable. They often agree on the colours and tones that they think will be popular each year and they then develop these into their collections. Here are some of the top designers for you to look at.

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Burberry – a British label Burberry has dramatically increased in popularity over the years as it pairs its English countrymen style with woolen tones and modern styling choices. The brand is well known for its adverts that see the pairings of its styles in modern and upbeat settings.


Ralph Lauren – a staple in fashion, Ralph Lauren has had an impact on the way men’s fashion has been accessed by the younger generations. With Mens Ralph Lauren Knitwear  now sought after by men from a variety of ages and backgrounds it has become the brand for the everyday man who puts fashion at styling at the forefront of everything they do.

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Farah – developed in the early 20th Century in America this brand spread over to the United Kingdom in the 1970s and the stylish tailoring appealed to men who liked the cut of formal wear but wanted the comfort of casual material. The brand manages to achieve both with men choosing Farah for both casual wear, work wear and formal wear items.


There are a number of other fashion brands that have established themselves as high end clothing at more affordable prices but the three mentioned above are amongst some of the most popular.

What are the habits of healthy vegans?

There are some important tips for those wishing to follow a vegan diet and stay as healthy as possible. Here are just a few:

Focus on legumes

Legumes are crammed full of protein, as well as lots of fibre. By including 3 portions of legumes a day, you’ll be consuming plenty of protein easily without the need for meat! Legumes include foods like beans, vegetables and lentils.

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Plenty of fruit and veggies

Variety is the spice of life, so be sure to pile your plate high with a wonderfully colourful range of fruits and vegetables. Different veggies and fruits provide different nutrient and vitamins. For example, for vitamin C, strawberries, citrus fruits and leafy vegetables are rich in this vitamin. Vitamin C is also great for the absorption of iron. Find out What tea helps with digestion at a site like

Whole grains are important

Whole grains have a host of benefits, being chock full of nutrients and fibre. The best whole grains to choose are unrefined for maximum benefits.

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Be clever with fat

Whilst most of use try to avoid fats, we don’t need to do this completely. Certain high fat foods are beneficial, such as seeds and nuts and these provide essential nutrients for vegans. Nuts can also be good for reducing the dangers of heart disease and in controlling the effects of diabetes.

Consider supplements

For vegans, vitamin B12 is really important as it is not present in many vegan foods unless you’re choosing fortified products, such as cereal.

Roman drainage systems that influenced the world

The Romans were an incredible group of people who have had an influence on many of the modern ways of living. From developing our road network right through to the ways in which we sanitise our homes, there is no doubt that they were revolutionary in the way they developed new and interesting methods for dealing with everyday problems and issues.

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One such problem was how best to keep their homes and streets from overflowing with waste water. As a result of this they developed a sewage system which allowed the waste to travel away from the homes, out of the streets and into the nearby rivers so that it could be carried away. Although it wasn’t as sophisticated as the systems we have now and we are lucky to have  companies like CCTV Drain Survey Cheltenham company so that we don’t need to send someone down into the drains, they certainly paved the way for our modern drain and sewage systems.

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The Cloaca Maxima was the largest of the sewers that they built and transported the waste products from Rome into the Tiber River. It was built originally to help with stormwater drainage but soon took on taking waste water from the homes. It is an incredible 20 feet wide and 1020 feet long. It is possible to still see the remains of some of the sewer on a visit to ancient Rome today.

Blocked drains

Bristol is an architecturally diverse city in the United Kingdom with both old and new buildings. Although old buildings in the UK can be stunning with tons of character that captures the past, they may also provide additional maintenance costs and recurring challenges.

One particularly aggravating foul-smelling challenge can be blocked drains in Bristol. Unfortunately for residents who choose to reside or work in old buildings, the chances of encountering this problem can be much higher. But it is one that is difficult to avoid if bathrooms and kitchens are not used carefully, due to the nature of old pipes and sewage systems which are present to this day and are very hard to replace.

When blocked drains are found, a number of different solutions are available. Many of these can be found on the internet and include the use of hot water and soap or the purchased of special solutions for more stubborn blocked drains. For more stubborn cases of blocked drains, people may resort to additional professional help which can come at varying different process and from different plumbers who can be contacted directly or found on the internet. One can contact AMS for blocked drains in Bristol. Although they can be a last resort, they may make a large difference to drains in properties that are in dire need of more consistent maintenance.

Blocked public drains found in Bristol should be reported to local councils as per government advice on The local postcode can be used to access the contact details of the council to which the blocked drain should be reported.

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What to do with those lovely wedding photos

You have spent a fortune on your wedding and have more wonderful photos than you know what to do with. What exactly do you do with all those beautiful images? Sticking them away in a cupboard to gather dust seems such a shame when so much money and effort went into the occasion. Here are some lovely ideas for displaying your shots and getting the most out of the special day you invested so much in:

Instead of one framed picture, you could create a mini collage of your favourite images from the day. That way you don’t have to decide on just one or two to display. It’s fun, colourful and an interesting way to group photos from events like a wedding. Why not create a family timeline and include wedding photos from the older generations of your family too?

Polaroid images from the day can be arranged in a romantic heart shape without a frame. It’s both a dramatic yet fun way to show off your favourite photos. If you think a heart is too cheesy, then try any shape such as circles, stars or rectangles.

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For a relaxed, rustic display, why not consider using painted pegs or hooks for hanging your best shots across a room or mantel? This method offers great flexibility as you can chop and change the images when you want to look at different ones or change the order of the display whenever you feel like it.

Don’t forget the traditional album though. Many of our images lie unseen in digital format, but nothing feels quite as good as flipping through a beautiful and traditional photo album. For an event as important as a wedding, it can be nice to keep some traditions by creating your own special album to be passed down through future generations of your family. Not everyone wants to see the images on Facebook, and nothing looks and feels as good as the real thing. Speak to your photographer about what’s available and popular choices. For a Wedding Photographer Bexley, visit

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Many couples choose to display their best images on canvasses and other unique items. Using the wonders of the internet, couples can have their favourite images printed onto almost anything. This is fun if you have loads of images you love and can’t choose between them. Order prints, canvasses, personalised calendars, mugs, cushions, tee-shirts and a myriad of other novelty gifts. Whilst you don’t want to turn your home into a strange kind of wedding museum, having your most-loved images dotted around your home can be a wonderful reminder of your special day.

Another sweet idea is to incorporate your images onto Thank You cards that you send out to your guests. The recipient will be thrilled to see pictures from the day and it makes for a lovely reminder and keepsake.


Layer Your Outfits for a New Look Every Day

Fall is here and it’s time to pull out your cardigans, shrugs and furs. The cold months are all about dressing up to keep warm and look stylish at the same time. And how do you look chic when all you want to do is feel cozy in a baggy jacket? You layer your clothes!

Layering on clothes helps you stay warm and allows you to flaunt your wardrobe too. Why throw on a big brown coat every time you step out when you can dress differently every day?

Here are some tips that will help you layer your clothes effortlessly.

Look Through Your Wardrobe

If you have a wardrobe that’s ready to burst, it’s easy to overlook many items that you could put to good use. Go through your wardrobe in detail. Better still, get all your clothes out and lay them on your bed. Try to pair up your clothes differently and see what looks good. You may want to make a list of all possible combinations.

Here’s a list of some must-haves.

  • You need to have a few vests in different colors and different necklines. These can be worn with dresses, pants, skirts, and over long-sleeved knits too.
  • Two to three cashmere sweaters in nude or bright colors. These can be worn over collared shirts, skirts, leather pants, and everything in between.
  • A couple of jackets will come in handy when you need to layer clothes. Yes! Instead of layering on cardigans and vests, try wearing a denim jacket, buttoning it up, and throwing on a wool jacket. It’s a popular trend in case you’re worried how it’s going to look.
  • A fine coat. This will be what you’ll be wearing on the outside most of the time and people are bound to notice this item first. Whether in a nude shade or a bright color, a coat that is well-tailored is a fashion necessity.
  • A handful of tees and tops of varying hemlines will prove to be useful when wearing them over a skirt or a summer dress.
  • A pair or two of skinny jeans that will go with anything from leather boots to knit sweaters.
  • A pair of leather boots. They work well with almost anything and you just have to flaunt a pair in the cold months.
  • A pair of long gloves will accentuate the look of a cape or a jacket with 3/4th sleeves. Buy a pair if you don’t already have one.

Going About It

You should start with a basic top in a neutral or a bold color. You can also choose a patterned top. When layering tops, coordinate different necklines, hemlines, and sleeve lengths.

You may want to wear a shirt with a longer hemline underneath one with a shorter hemline. Full-sleeved t-shirts will look good under short-sleeved ones. Personalized t-shirts with a deep V-neckcan be worn over tees with a boat neck.

Just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you put away your tank tops. Wear a sweater or top that has a large neckline off your shoulder and pull a tank on top of that. Or simply wear a bright colored tank over a tee in a neutral color.


You need to layer on clothes on your bottom half too. If you have a mini skirt or a pair of shorts that you love wearing, just put on a pair of leggings or tights underneath. You can also wear the mini skirt over a knee-length skirt. Clothing items with trimmings can be worn underneath shorter hemlines for a unique effect.

Summer dresses can be worn with a vest, a bolero, or a shrug. You can also wear a blouse or t-shirt over a dress. A mini dress can be covered with a wrap-around skirt or a sarong.

Look Slim While Layering

Layering on clothes can add bulk to your body structure. You certainly don’t want that.

  • Don’t choose items that are fluffy, wooly, thick, over-sized, or billowy when layering. Layer on tops that are body-hugging or tissue-thin. Round the look off with a tailored jacket to keep the silhouette slim.
  • If your sweater looks too baggy with all the layers of clothes underneath, use a belt to cinch at your waist.
  • Dark colors make you look slim; use them to your advantage. You don’t have to wear everything in a dark color as it wouldn’t look flattering always. But wear dark colors where you need to look slim; for example a pair of dark jeans if you’re pear shaped.
  • If you’re apple shaped, wear clothes that are fitted in the middle. If you have a large bust and want to play its size down, wear open necklines, go for thinner fabrics, and opt for shawls or scarves.
  • If you wear several layers on the upper half of your body, balance the look by wearing minimal things on the bottom half. Leggings, tights, boot cuts, skinny jeans, etc. are perfect to balance the extra layers on top.

Pairing Layers Smartly

When choosing different items to layer, never go for the same colors. Pick clothes in different shades or contrasting colors. You can mix and match prints too. Limit your palette to just three colors; too much of anything is bad.

Remember that layering can create a cluttered look. So keep accessories to a minimum. A pair of stud earrings, and a simple bracelet and necklace will do. Also, be sure to wear loose clothes over tight ones so that things don’t look awkward.


With the cold months here, you don’t have to put on the same outfit every day. Pair up your clothes cleverly and look elegant through fall and winter.

Overcoming Addiction

Nowadays, too many people experiment with drugs which results in addiction and that is why being referred to a Drug Rehab Referral Service is a great idea in order to overcome this. Being referred to a Drug Rehab Referral Service is important if the individual is actually willing to change, otherwise they won’t get anywhere and it’ll just be all around difficult to help the addict get back to a sober reality. Read More

Go and Ask Your Doctor before Taking Weight Loss Tablets

There are so many people in the world that are trying to become slim. They are taking pills without consulting the doctors. They just watch the advertisement on the television screen and start believing in the immediate action of the tablets or the products that usually come on the television. If you really think that you are getting bulking day by day then you should to a physician or to a physiotherapist. But they are not ready to do any of the two. They think that they can get the best result by taking the pills. In most cases they are getting victims by the side effects of the tablets. Read More

The Real Health Effects of Smoking

As far as smoking is concerned we have two groups. One is which is against it and the other says that there are not much harmful health effects. But the favoring group says this merely as they are slave to this habit. Cigarette has many carcinogenic substances that lead to asthma, bronchitis, heart attacks, cancer etc. The list of health effects is a long one and the effects are of course ill effects. Read More

Hatha Yoga

The main aim of Hatha yoga is to attain a good physical health by following its disciplines thru the control of the mind. Here controlling the mind to follow the disciplines is more important than attaining a superior muscular physique. By reaching the state of heightened awareness Hatha yoga can help to move towards a better health and a calm mind. This state of our body helps us to remain away from stress and solve our personal problems more efficiently and effectively. Read More