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An example of Roman ingenuity in the Cotswolds.

The Roman Empire was one of the largest ever created by a tribe of people from a City. At its height, its Borders ran from The Antonine Wall between Modern Glasgow and Edinburgh, in the North all the way down to the Dead Sea in Modern Israel.  This massive area of land spanned most of Western Europe and all around the Mediterranean  Sea. They brought War and Conquest, which is undisputed, but they also brought diplomacy, new ideas, technologies and social thinking that included Law and a degree of the democratic process with them as well. They rejected Kings in favour of Senators and Emperors. The Romans laid the foundations for the modern world.

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It is a testament to their achievements that we are still able to see their legacy to this day. From Turkey to Toledo in Spain, from Northumbria in the North of England to  Egypt, there are examples of the built heritage that they left behind. Over the years, much of it has fallen into despair. Neglected by the people following the Roman influence, their cities and outer dwellings were shunned and demolished to put the Romans’ dressed stone to other buildings. However, the remains of the Roman power can be found in some of the most unlikely places.

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Some 22 miles away from the old Roman Town of Corinium, or Cirencester as it is known now, lies the Villages of Chedworth and Yanworth. A gamekeeper was wandering the woods and took a shot at a rabbit. He missed, and the exploded earth threw up some small colour stone blocks. He took the stones to the Lord of the Manor, who recognised them as being tessare from a Roman mosaic. Instructing the Gamekeeper to show him where this happened, the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeology Society was summoned. The site was soon cleared and excavated using the estate workers to reveal a set of near-complete mosaics and walls. Inadvertently, a 3rd Century Roman Villa had been discovered.

In an unusual move for the time, this was the age of the Victorian grave robbers and treasure seekers; after all, the mosaics were left in situ. In most cases, when a mosaic was discovered, it was levered up and taken to a museum in a large town. Something this size would ordinarily have ended up in the Britsh Museum in London. However, given the scale of the site, it was decided that future visitors should be able to enjoy them in the setting they were initially made. The fact that there was a Victorian hunting lodge already built there made no difference, of course!

Over the years, more and more of the site has been uncovered. It was becoming clear that this was a Villa built for luxury and comfort. Several bathhouses were discovered, a water shrine and a working latrine too. This last addition was so advanced even an expert in Drain Lining Surveys like Wilkinson Environmental would be impressed by it.

Four Ways That Men’s Fashion Has Changed in the Last Century

It can seem that men’s fashion never changes that much, and yet delve a little deeper and there are some fundamental differences between what men wear today and what they would have worn 100 years ago.

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From Formal to Casual

Much of the 20th century was taken up with a gradual shift from the formal to the casual. The top hat, for example, toppled as frock coats made way for leisure suits. Nothing indicates this move more than headwear fashions. As the top hat left the everyday arena, it made way for the likes of the pork-pie, trilby, fedora, derby, boater, and homburg. Today, the most popular headwear choice for men is the super-casual baseball cap.

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From Society Members to Individuals

Another major way that fashion has changed is the way in which what a man wears today is far more likely to display his individuality than it is to highlight his social status. This was far from the case in days gone by, when what a man more was often directly related to his class and occupation.

The Demise of the Tie

Until very recently, ties were a major part of many men’s fashion ensemble. Today, however, there are plenty of males who have never worn one – even for formal occasions such as weddings and funerals. They are just as likely to wear their favourite Lyle & Scott t-shirts from as they are a crisp white shirt and tie.

The tie was once one of the major symbols of the business culture of the 20th century, but its popularity – or perceived necessity – has been dying off for years and, in many quarters, it has become another casualty of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Death of the Work and Leisure Split

This is another trend that has come into sharp focus as a result of the increase in working from home, but it would be unfair to say that the coronavirus virus described at is wholly responsible.

There has been a growing trend for workers to wear what would once have considered to be weekend wear on any day of the week. Today, some executives are actively encouraged to wear less formal attire, as it is considered good business sense to look relaxed, open-minded and flexible.

Key Retirement Planning Steps

Important retirement planning steps include understanding your needs, financial planning for your future and investing in assets that will support you when you retire. By creating a detailed income and expense plan based on your current level of income, you will know exactly what it will cost you to maintain your lifestyle during your later years.

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The next step is prioritizing your plans. Begin to divide up all of your debts into separate funds so that you are only paying interest on the things that you can actually pay off. You can then work on putting aside money each month for the various expenses that you will have, such as housing, utilities and travel. Consider saving by downsizing to Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire. For more information, visit www.parkhomelife

Investing in a long-term asset such as a pension should be high on your list of retirement planning goals. If you have a substantial amount of money set aside for retirement, you will have more money in reserve for the various costs associated with living comfortably. Starting to save early in your career can help you meet these financial obligations as early as possible. It is a good idea to also get a budget and learn how to use financial tools, such as the financial budgeting software offered by many reputable financial institutions.

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Understanding your needs is the first step to building a secure retirement. You need to know what it is that you want to do with your money as you get older. While it is important to set aside money each month to supplement your income, it is also crucial to determine which part of your income will be dedicated to your own needs and which can be directed toward investments or other goals. It is important to set realistic goals and evaluate them periodically, but you do not want to get so wrapped up in looking at your goals that you forget to do your regular maintenance to maintain your financial situation. Planning and maintaining your budget is an essential part of your overall retirement planning.

In addition to looking at long-term goals, it is also important to look at the big picture. This includes understanding the tax benefits that you will receive as you reach certain age milestones, such as reaching 65. If you are still working, by all means continue to build your nest egg, but if that is not possible consider the option of taking advantage of retirement benefits to supplement your income or even start a new business.

One of the most important keys to retirement planning is to never put it off. When you’re younger, it feels like that time will never come and you can afford to wait. However, that time will come and you will need to have financial security as well as peace of mind. You want to make sure that you are financially secure before you spend your last working years working hard at what you love. That way, retirement can be savoured and enjoyed.


Songs for sorting out roof problems

If you suspect you might have roofing problems, you’ll be wanting to get up and take a look. Remember to always approach the roof with caution as working at height is dangerous. Some things are best left to the professionals.

Up On The Roof – Neil Diamond

We’re not quite sure why Neil was up on the roof but it probably wasn’t to deal with the flashing. More likely he was serenading his love while taking in a beautiful starry night. If you need to get up on the roof, you should call a roofer who will have the necessary safety equipment and experience. For Cheltenham Roofers, visit a site like

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Up The Ladder To The Roof – The Supremes

At the very least you’ll need a ladder to access the roof and get a good look at any potential issues like missing or damaged tiles. Make sure the ladder is secure on the ground and have someone hold the bottom for you. Even better, call a roofing specialist who will have the right equipment to do it safely.

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On The Roof Again – Eve 6

If you’ve tried to fix roof problems in the past, chances are unless you’re an experienced roofer, you might not have completely solved the issue. This means that you’ll be back up on the roof again in no time. To avoid expensive ongoing problems, call out a roofing specialist to get it fixed once and for all.

What products can be made from bamboo

Bamboo products have increased in popularity over recent years, especially with people who are conscious about the impact that things like single use plastic are having on the environment around us. But, bamboo has actually been used for centuries in the construction of products and even in construction. It was used centuries ago for channelling water in an early form of plumbing.

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Since these early days bamboo has been used to create a number of different products. This is due to the fact that it is an incredibly sustainable product and it grows very quickly. This means that everytime bamboo is removed to be used in products, a new plant is already growing.

Here are some of the types of products that you can find made from bamboo.

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Bathroom – face cloths, makeup pads and brushes and toothbrushes from Bamboo Toothbrush UK companies like are all made from the wood. They are all products that are often made of single use plastic or are made from cotton that is disposed of. The bamboo alternatives can be used time and time again and decompose when they are thrown away.

Kitchen – plates, bowls, spoons, kitchen cloths and many more items are available made with bamboo wood and fibres. Again this can help to replace the need for plastic items that are not sustainable. Many kitchen utensils can also be found made out of bamboo.

There are many types of whiskey

Known as “the water of life”, whiskey is a powerful and popular spirit There are many types and categories that the drink falls into. Whatever type of whiskey it is when it comes to alcohol storage you have to look at using a bonded warehouse to store it all first. Bonded Warehouse Management Software, like that from Gaina Software helps to make sure that the stock is preserved in the best conditions until it is ready to sell.

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There are many types of whiskey. Here are the main ones.

  1. Single Malt – This is one of the classifications of a Scottish Whiskey. This is, as the name suggests, a non blended straight whiskey made with malted barley and wheat grains. It is generally drunk neat or with a splash of spring water or ice.
  2. Blended Whiskey – This is a popular drink as it is smoother and not as harsh as the single malt can be. It’s able to be mixed and lends itself better to the mixers that are on the market today.

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  1. Irish Whiskey – Another single malt but because it uses a different “mash process” it comes out smoother.
  2. Bourbon Whiskey – This is an invention from North America. It primarily uses corn as its main ingredient and this produces a much sweeter whiskey. It’s a very popular mixer spirit with ginger ale, lime and soda or lemonade being added to it. It can happily be consumed neat as well earning it the nickname of “the suppin’ whiskey”.

Summers almost done, bring on the Autumn

As late August comes and goes the meteorological clock ticks along and tells the world that Autumn is soon to be upon us. It’s a strange time of year. The weather is still warm and pleasant, there is even the chance of a mini heatwave, but nature is soon sending you the signs that the summer’s done. That weather can turn pretty quick to wild wind and ravaging rain. The tree’s leaves begin to turn brown and then shed, migratory birds like the Swallow and Housemartins swarm and take their leave to go back to Morocco and wasps suddenly become very grumpy, even more so than usual. Children start the academic year and those carefree summer days recede for a period of reflection and preparation for the coming winter months.

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It’s a good time to look at your wardrobe and see what needs clearing out, what needs adding and what needs to be packed away. It’s time to think about thicker trousers like cargo pants, polo shirts and maybe some jeans if yours are getting raggedy. This is why you need to spend some time looking at Mens Mish Mash Clothes. They have a great range of Autumn wear and styles.

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The colours for Autumn are usually a deep richer hue to suit the changing surroundings. Vermillion reds and chocolate browns are popular, black is still the eternal choice for safety. Olive drab is anything but and dark greens should also feature in the new look for the year.

Walks Around Salisbury

If like many others you have decided to avoid the travel chaos and traffic light system this year and explore more of the UK, then there is plenty to do! One place that you may want to experience if you are keen to explore some beautiful countryside and historic sights is Salisbury. With so much history and beauty surrounding the area, you won’t be stuck for things to do in Salisbury.


For walking there are lots of great walking routes that you can enjoy over the summer months – here are a few of them…

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Stonehenge – If you are heading to Wiltshire without a doubt you will want to visit the iconic Stonehenge site. Now under the care of the National trust there are plenty of walking routes around the famous stones and you can also walk from here to the lesser known Woodhenge.

As well as Stonehenge the White Horse at Westbury is another must see part of the Wiltshire landscape. As well as the horse you will also be able to see the ancient iron age fort nearby at Bratton camp and enjoy stunning views across the beautiful landscape.

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From Salisbury, you can follow the picturesque Avon Valley path along a 34-mile route ending in Christchurch in Dorset. Choose parts of the route if you aren’t wanting to do the whole thing! Some beautiful sights on this route include little villages, the chalky lands the region is famed for and pretty meadows and lakes.

How to Take Amazing Photos on Your Phone

Have you ever wondered how to take amazing photos on your mobile phone? Mobile phones with cameras are now an essential part of most people’s daily lives, and having a camera that takes great pictures is no exception. If you want to take the perfect pictures you should be using a camera that can do so. Here are some tips on choosing the best mobile camera to fit your needs.

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Most people these days use their mobile phones as a camera. This has become a popular trend, because the ability to take pictures from anywhere at any time has made smartphones very popular in today’s society. However, even more people want to know how to take amazing photos on their mobile phones because of the capabilities that come with the newer models of phones. With digital cameras becoming more affordable, and picture processors that are able to fix all the problems that you might have when taking regular pictures, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be taking pictures on your phone. For a new camera phone, visit a vodafone store near me at

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First, you need to make sure that you have a good picture quality setting on your phone. Poor quality pictures will ruin the mood of your photographs, and they will also be difficult to download to your computer if you need to edit them. Your camera phone’s quality will determine how much you can take good quality pictures, and what you can do to improve the quality of those photographs. If you don’t take any special notice of your camera settings, you will be disappointed, and this will only affect how well your photos turn out. Learning how to take amazing photos on your phone can be fun, but you must be willing to invest in a good camera phone to do this.

Reasons to Wear Luxury Brands

One of the biggest reasons to wear luxury brands is because they usually have a better story to tell. There are stories that are shared behind the brands and it’s always interesting to see what is happening in their manufacturing processes, and if these stories hold any inspiration for us. Luxury brands also tend to have a better story to share about their manufacturing processes and quality control, and again, this is often very interesting. These are all good reasons to wear luxury brands, but why do they usually offer a better deal?

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Luxury brands are generally made of much better materials than their less expensive counterparts, so they don’t have to make as many compromises in quality in order to stay within a reasonable price range. Less expensive brands are forced to make compromises to just keep making a profit, and often this means things like inferior materials, or even subpar production standards. Luxury brands, by contrast, don’t have to worry about making too many sacrifices in order to stay competitive. They can afford to make better products because their profits are higher and they won’t have to lower their prices to remain in business. For Superdry Menswear, visit EJ Menswear

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Luxury brands are generally made to last, and time isn’t their only consideration. They realise that they need to offer quality products and services all the time, and staying on time is part of that. That means they stay on top of their supply chain and don’t experience any supply interruptions, so you’ll never have to worry about being left out in the cold.