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The best brands for boots

Boots for men offer a great alternative footwear option for times when smart work shoes aren’t supportive enough but trainers would be too casual. Whether you’re off socialising, walking the dog, hiking or carrying out some heavy duty outdoor work, turning to a solid pair of boots is ideal. Here are some of the best boot brands for guys right now:

Dr Martens – There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of this iconic brand of boots. These boots have almost earned god-like status amongst rock and grunge cultures. However, aside from their aesthetics, they offer incredible support and were designed by an army doctor after WW2 after he got injured. Whatever your needs, Dr Martens can offer both comfort and style. For footwear and a wide range of Farah Menswear, visit EJ Menswear

Timberland – This is another brand well-known for trusted, reliable and great-looking men’s boots. Timberland boots also have an iconic status in various fashion cultures. They are highly durable and their most famous style is the tan coloured variety.

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Ugg – Often seen as predominantly a womenswear brand, Ugg shouldn’t be overlooked for their men’s range. Originally designed to keep surfers’ feet warm, the combination of wool and leather makes them a comfortable and fashionable choice for any occasion.


Red Wing – A slightly lesser well-known brand is Red Wing, founded in 1905 in America. These have a distinctive aesthetic but are excellent for both fashion and heavy duty workwear. Red Wing had the honour of supplying boots to the US Army during both WW1 and WW2.

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What is Tailoring and Why Does It Matter?

Tailoring and uniform designs are an important part of the business world today. There is so much to think about when it comes to the business of professional apparel. From uniforms for medical and dental professionals to those for teachers and employees at various businesses, the need for high quality, professional looking clothing is crucial to a successful company’s image and success.

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Tailoring is much more than simply putting together a wardrobe to wear to work. Professional custom suits help employers enhance their business image and give their employees a sense of pride in their work. The ability to create custom suits is key to the business of a tailor and the ability to create precise fit tailoring is crucial to the success of the entire business. For Mens Farah Oxford Shirts, visit a site like

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In today’s world where custom uniforms are so important, the question of what is tailoring and why does it matter often arises. A company seeking a custom tailored wardrobe needs to first determine what type of business they are. If the company is a provider of fine garments then tailoring should be considered, but if it is a more relaxed retailer that accepts more casual wear then no tailoring should be required. The next step is to determine the needs of the business in question which will help determine how smart its staff should be.


You need to have some decent sportswear for the summer

On a positive note the current situation that we find ourselves in, might, I do cautiously say might, allow us to get back and reclaim our football pitches and tennis courts by the summertime. If we do get the chance there is every likelihood that the threads that you have for sporting endeavours are looking a bit the worse for wear. Why not invest in some decent XV Kings Menswear to set you in the mood.

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You need a good top to start with, which will allow heat from your body to escape and mitigate problems related to sweat. You may still need to see your GP if you notice heavy sweating, since you might have a condition known as hyperhidrosis, as described in the NHS website.


In a breathable cloth, such as a combination of cotton and polyester, or 100 percent cotton, or a tighter version made of Lycra, you might pick a loose vest cover. The fact that there are no sleeves can help deter you from storing too much heat and avoid sweat from causing discomfort or chafing, regardless of which cloth you use.

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Running shorts are usually a shorter short style, which requires exposure to the greatest amount of skin and decreases heat absorption, accumulation of sweat and chafing. Lycra shorts are an option to replace winter leggings with improved comfort and movement. Three quarter-long leggings or those that stop just below the knee may also be preferred.

Why You Should Buy Top Quality Gifts This Christmas

Many people are looking for reasons as to why they should buy top quality gifts this Christmas. They want to buy gifts that are unique, one-of-a-kind, original, and of a great quality so that the person will remember them always. Not only will your gift to be remembered by the person it is given to, but it should provide years of use or a fantastic experience. It could become a family heirloom and something that they can pass down to the next generation. For a unique gift, consider Aran Sweaters. Find a range of Aran Sweaters at Shamrock Gift.

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If you are looking for a reason as to why you should buy top quality gifts this Christmas, then it has to do with you. You want to give a gift that shows your appreciation and admiration for the person. If you feel that they deserve it and because you think that they do, you are going to give them the best. That is your feeling towards someone and that is your feeling toward the gift that you would wish to give this person.

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When you buy top quality gifts this Christmas you are showing your concern and affection for the person. This will come through in the way you treat them throughout the years, whether you are around them or not. Your gift will last for a long time and your thoughtfulness will be appreciated for a lifetime.


The Impact of 90s Fashion on the Men’s Fashion of Today

The 90s was an era of huge change, both culturally and socially. With the return of the 90s fashions starting to hit the catwalks, here is a guide to some of the looks of the era, and how they are evolving…

The Grunge Look – This was huge in the 90s – bands such as Nirvana set the style scene for the look that went with the grunge music scene- distressed denim and checked shirts, such as these mens Farah Oxford shirts with hair worn long was the classic style of the look – for comfort and cool you couldn’t go wrong. The 90s saw a drastic departure from the power dressing and structured silhouettes of the 80s, moving towards fashion that was more comfortable.

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The Rap Scene – In the 90s, the rap scene created a surge of style must haves – from snapbacks and bucket hats to baggy jeans, a lot of the 90s trends have the rap scene to thank for their surge in popularity. Rappers such as Run DMC, Coolio and Tupac had a huge influence on teenagers of the era and their cool style made its way into wardrobes around the world.

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Rave Culture – The early 90s was a time of wild raves, and the popularity of the rave culture impacted the fashion world in a big way. From acid wash denim, to neon colours, keep an eye out this season for a resurgence of these rave trends of the 90s!

Hot denim fashions for this autumn

This autumn, denim is hot once again, with a huge number of styles that are on trend. From the tried and trusted classic original fit jeans to colour-blocked or embroidered skinnies, there’s something for everyone.


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Washes, treatments and embellishments are all big news, as are classic silhouettes and androgynous shapes. This autumn, the focus is on fit and how you wear your jeans, and double denim is certainly not considered a fashion crime any longer.

Denim En Vogue

Over the last decade, denim has enjoyed something of a rebirth, with new technologies and techniques allowing for softer, stretchier versions of the original stiff, rigid fabric to be created. Fashion bible, Vogue, has paid tribute to denim this autumn and their 50 Best Fall Runway looks give you a sneak peak into the versatility of this material.

At a site like, you can find a selection of womens designer jeans that would perfectly fit in with Vogue’s catwalk styles, and you can pick and choose what type of denim you’d prefer to wear.

More Than Just Jeans

This autumn, denim is about so much more than just jeans, as shown on

Denim dresses are particularly hot this autumn and can be dressed up or down, whilst denim jackets have evolved from the traditional collared buttoned up styles of yesteryear and are now taking shape as blazers, parkas and even waist coats. Denim has been given both a formal and a casual twist, and there are many options for how you want to wear this incredibly versatile fabric.

Designer Denim

This season, denim was spotted on the runways of designers like Alexander Wang and Balenciaga and the fabric once again claimed its spot on the catwalk.

Designers have reimagined the fabric in so many ways, from stitching together artfully skewed seams to adding colour blocks, embroidery, lace and other adornments. Even denim suits have become trendy. Women also have the option of spray on tight skinnies, or opting for the more casual and comfy boyfriend look. Rips are also big news and can be customised according to the wearer’s personal style, giving them the opportunity to create their own bespoke pair of jeans.

One thing’s for sure, denim is here to stay and it’s a huge hit this autumn!

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