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How to Style Your Hoodie

A hoodie is the ultimate in casual fashion and style. It is a fantastic addition to your summer wardrobe in any season, as it will keep you warm on a cold day or a chilly night. Not only that, but it makes you feel cosy and comfortable too. Here are some great ways to style them.

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With Jeans

Jeans and mens Superdry hoodies are a fantastic combination and the best way to rock the casual look whether you are chilling out at home or hanging out with friends. If you want to get yourself noticed, opt for mens Superdry hoodies in a bold vibrant colour. Green and yellow are both trendy this season. Team with a pair of blue or black jeans to look stylish.

With Trousers

Be careful what trousers you wear with your hoodie, as a formal look won’t necessarily match. Chinos can look great with a hoodie. Opt for dark colours such as black or grey with dark chinos or go for a lighter-coloured hoodie if you are wearing a pair of lighter-coloured chinos.

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If you are wearing with a pair of smarter trousers, then a zip-up hoodie can look good, as this can be worn instead of a jacket. However, you might want to take off your suit jacket and tie and just wear the suit and trousers to tone down the office style if you are travelling to work or meeting colleagues for a post-work drink in the bar.


Tops should be kept casual under a mens Superdry hoodie, and this season’s t-shirts are bold and bright in colour. Find a matching-colour hoodie or play down a bright t-shirt with a black or neutrally coloured hoodie. A hoodie is a fantastic way of making sure that you are not too cold when the sun goes down, because here in the UK the temperature can drop rapidly at night, which can make you feel quite cold. However, with a snuggly hoodie on you won’t have a chance to feel the cold.

These are some great ideas on how to style your hoodie for a comfortable and casual look that will suit different occasions.

Looking after your clothing

We all know that the key to looking great is to have stylish clothing that you feel comfortable in and that suits your body type and your personality. There are many ways in which you can choose your clothing and some people like to return to a favourite designer, such as men who like to wear Farah Menswear that you can find from places like EJ Menswear. Looking after your clothing is the best way to ensure that it lasts and to aid you in finding the clothing that you want to wear each day in a quick and easy way.

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When it comes to storing your clothing to help it last as long as possible and to prevent it from becoming creased there are a number of choices that you have. The first is to look at ways in which you can organise your wardrobe. For example, having plenty of hanging space allows you to hang items like shirts that can be crumpled easily.

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The next is to look at seasonal items that you have and find ways in which you can store these. You might want to look for clothing storage bags that allow you to remove the air using a vacuum which then reduces the size of the bag, so that it can be placed at the bottom of a wardrobe or underneath a bed.


The Patron Saint of Ireland and a yearly celebration

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. It doesn’t matter that he’s not born Irish, he was actually born in Roman Britain (which is strangely apt as we shall see). When he was just a child, he was taken by Irish raiding parties to Ireland and shipped as a slave to farm and tend sheep in the county. It was during that time that he learned his true faith, ultimately finding strength in his relation to God through his work.

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Whilst the purpose of celebrating St Patrick might seem to be about his converting the Pagan Irish to Christianly it’s more about celebrating Ireland itself and being of Irish heritage. Not that it seems to matter, on the 15 March everyone has some Irish heritage somewhere.  Although Christians celebrate the day as well there’s is also a more muted response to the sudden rise in Guinness and whisky consumption.

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Today, March 15th is officially recognised as St Patrick’s Day. Although the date never changes, the celebration typically involves the wearing of green hats and clothes and even some Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift and listening to traditional Irish music with a pot of green beer as the main feast. The celebration is most dominant abroad in cities like Chicargo and New York in the USA and Sydney in Australia (where they even turn the Opera house Green). It’s only in recent years that the Irish themselves have started to celebrate strongly in Dublin, Galway and and Kerry.


Comfortable Contemporary Clothing

Farah Menswear is one of the leading suppliers of men’s clothing and accessories. They can be found in a number of stockist stores such as Louis Boyd where you can view a number of different stylish menswear designers online. It is fast becoming one of the go to designers for men who are looking to add stylish, trendy clothing items to their wardrobes.

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All of Farah Menswear’s clothing is top quality, using high quality fabrics and manufactured by some of the finest companies in the world. Farah Menswear aims to offer customers that feel like they have the most high quality clothes possible, with an option that suits everyone’s budget. Farah Menswear is committed to producing quality, trendy garments that are everyday wear, comfortable and of the highest quality possible. From our classic skinny jeans to our new range of slim fit chinos and t-shirts, Farah has you covered whether it’s your job or your evening out.

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Their style of menswear can be worn in the workplace settings or for a wonderful evening out. They even have items that you would class as casual that enable the fashion conscious man to be comfortable but still stylish and on trend. They offer their clothes in a number of colours, so you can be sure to find something that will fit in with your clothing personality and will complement the other items that you have in your wardrobe collection.


Mens Levi Jeans For are great

Men’s Levi jeans are a popular brand of men’s clothing. It has been in this fashion category for more than a century. The company has transformed its various materials and designs with time as well. Every design is carefully crafted to suit the unique requirements and tastes of customers. As a result, most consumers prefer them for their stylish and comfortable nature. You can see a huge range of Men’s Levi jeans and EJ Menswear.

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Levi’s always offers men’s Levi jeans based on the latest trends, price and style. There are many jean designs that can be found at their website and even at their outlet stores. These jeans are available in different styles, cuts and colors and are designed with comfort in mind. Levi Jeans have been at the forefront of mens fashion. Their 501’s are still seen as the epitome of the jeans style. Just don’t ask what happened to Levi Strauss’s previous 500 attempts to get it right!

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Skinny, leg and boot cut men’s Levi jeans are also available online. There are many websites that offer discount prices and free shipping for orders above a certain size. In addition, the websites also offer different color and pattern options for these jeans. This is the best place to find the perfect color, cut and style of jeans for your body shape. The online selection is much larger than what is found at your local store and you may even find some great deals online.

Superdry Menswear – Men Clothes That Are Built To Last

Superdry Menswear is a London based men’s clothing and accessories store that specializes in men’s designer wear and accessories. The brand is named after the company’s founder, who chose to open the shop in a disused warehouse. After he re-purposed the warehouse, Superdry Menswear was opened and began selling their line of designer men’s clothing and accessories, including men’s leather jackets and shoes, tracksuits, knitwear, casual wear and special occasion formal wear. The Superdry brand is very much about the real man in the real world, so it is not too surprising that the Superdry Menswear collection features items such as woolen work trousers made from sheepskin. These are the items that you would wear with a superbly jumper, a pair of jeans and your favourite jumper or jacket. EJ Menswear has a great selection.

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The brand is meant to evoke a feeling of traditional masculinity, with its chosen colours including blue, charcoal, grey and the vivid reds and pinks that are synonymous with the brand. Superdry Menswear offers jackets,, ties, jeans and workwear in a variety of styles and colours, all of which are created using quality fabrics and workmanship.

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Each item is also accompanied by a printed label, making each item distinctly unique. In addition to being unique, each product in the Superdry Male Clothing range also bears the labels of each individual clothing item Today, Superdry Menswear is amongst the most popular brands of men’s clothing available, providing an extensive collection of clothes and accessories that can help any man stand out from the crowd.

Aran Sweaters : A Fashion Statement

Aran sweaters, like the ones from Shamrock Gift are an extremely stylish type of sweater, which originates from the Aran Islands of west coast of Ireland. A typical Aran sweater is always off white in colour, with big cable designs on the front and back body. Some of these sweaters feature detailed Celtic knot work, which dates back to the 18th Century. These sweaters are extremely popular throughout the world.

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The reason why Aran sweaters are so in demand all over the world is because they feature a superior quality wool that is extremely soft to touch, yet strong and resilient enough to keep the wearer warm throughout a long day. It has long been known that Aran wool is available only from a small number of farms located on the Aran Islands in Western Ireland, but recently this has become much easier thanks to modern day technologies. Nowadays, farmers all over the world are able to grow Aran wool in large quantities, thanks to new technologies that allow farmers to cultivate the wool at high volumes. Farmers who were once spread thin due to the fact that Aran wool is so hard to harvest are now able to grow an extensive amount of wool thanks to these new practices. This means that more people from all around the world are able to enjoy high quality Aran sweaters and other items such as hoodies and hats.

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Today, you can easily find a wide selection of Aran sweaters online, and you will probably be surprised by the great choice that you have. Traditional Aran clothing features a great variety of colours and patterns, but you may be surprised at how much wider the choice is online now compared to what you would have found a few years ago. There are many amazing designs available in contemporary Aran designs, including many patterns that feature intricate and detailed Celtic knots. These wonderful pieces of clothing can be used as an ideal addition to your own wardrobe, or you can buy one for your child to wear.

Tips For Buying Levi Clothing

Levi Clothing is a brand of high quality clothing. The company of this legendary designer, Levi, creates clothing for men and women equally. They both have different collections for men and women respectively. Their men’s collection includes shirts, trousers, jackets, blazers and ties, while their women’s collection includes skirts, dresses, sweaters, blazers and jeans.

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Levi Clothing for men from places like EJ Menswear  has a great variety available. For them, style is always an important factor and this is reflected in their choice of clothing. One can find great looking blazers, trousers, jackets, jeans and other casual wear. If one looks carefully at these clothing, they will be able to notice that each piece of clothing has a great design and quality. In fact, some of their pieces are considered to be the best in the market today.

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With regard to women, they have a lot of clothing to choose from. From sweaters to dresses and from trousers to casual wear, they have it all. For those who are looking for clothing that is of great quality and can last for a long time, then they should buy from this brand. One can find great deals and discounts when shopping from them. With great fashion statements and designs, as well as great quality, there is no reason why one shouldn’t prefer this brand of clothing.

The best brands for boots

Boots for men offer a great alternative footwear option for times when smart work shoes aren’t supportive enough but trainers would be too casual. Whether you’re off socialising, walking the dog, hiking or carrying out some heavy duty outdoor work, turning to a solid pair of boots is ideal. Here are some of the best boot brands for guys right now:

Dr Martens – There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of this iconic brand of boots. These boots have almost earned god-like status amongst rock and grunge cultures. However, aside from their aesthetics, they offer incredible support and were designed by an army doctor after WW2 after he got injured. Whatever your needs, Dr Martens can offer both comfort and style. For footwear and a wide range of Farah Menswear, visit EJ Menswear

Timberland – This is another brand well-known for trusted, reliable and great-looking men’s boots. Timberland boots also have an iconic status in various fashion cultures. They are highly durable and their most famous style is the tan coloured variety.

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Ugg – Often seen as predominantly a womenswear brand, Ugg shouldn’t be overlooked for their men’s range. Originally designed to keep surfers’ feet warm, the combination of wool and leather makes them a comfortable and fashionable choice for any occasion.


Red Wing – A slightly lesser well-known brand is Red Wing, founded in 1905 in America. These have a distinctive aesthetic but are excellent for both fashion and heavy duty workwear. Red Wing had the honour of supplying boots to the US Army during both WW1 and WW2.

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What is Tailoring and Why Does It Matter?

Tailoring and uniform designs are an important part of the business world today. There is so much to think about when it comes to the business of professional apparel. From uniforms for medical and dental professionals to those for teachers and employees at various businesses, the need for high quality, professional looking clothing is crucial to a successful company’s image and success.

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Tailoring is much more than simply putting together a wardrobe to wear to work. Professional custom suits help employers enhance their business image and give their employees a sense of pride in their work. The ability to create custom suits is key to the business of a tailor and the ability to create precise fit tailoring is crucial to the success of the entire business. For Mens Farah Oxford Shirts, visit a site like

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In today’s world where custom uniforms are so important, the question of what is tailoring and why does it matter often arises. A company seeking a custom tailored wardrobe needs to first determine what type of business they are. If the company is a provider of fine garments then tailoring should be considered, but if it is a more relaxed retailer that accepts more casual wear then no tailoring should be required. The next step is to determine the needs of the business in question which will help determine how smart its staff should be.