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Sunday is “Family Day” and time to enjoy a “Sunday Lunch” Together!

Traditionally Sunday has been the one day of the week that Families spend quality time together and decide where to go for a Sunday lunch in the Cotswolds or other beautiful British Counties.  This good old-fashioned gathering of families and friends to partake in Sunday Lunch Cotswolds or Herefordshire, Devon or Cornwall still remains part and parcel of many happy family weekends.

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The old quote and inspirational saying “The Family that Eats Together Stays Together” has proven over time to be more often than not true!  Sitting down for dinner together gives a family the opportunity of talking and discussing important issues or just enjoying some fun and laughter. Nowadays lots of modern families like to eat their dinners on lap trays, perched in front of the television so unfortunately they don’t communicate anymore.

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Even if you chose to eat like this on busy school and work days try to enjoy time together as a family at least once a week by eating your Sunday Dinner at the home table or out at a lovely local pub.  Why not make Sunday a special Family day, go out to a local attraction or Country Park then find a lovely, friendly Inn and spend time eating a traditional Sunday Roast washed down with a cold glass of beer or non-alcoholic beverage?  Just having this very special quality time together can help repair family rifts, diffuse arguments and provide the opportunity to discuss worries and most importantly to have some fun!

Are these the best rugby players of all time?

The game of rugby is one of the most popular and widely played sports in the world. While every fan will have his or her own view of who the best players of all time are, here are some commonly accepted top players of this much-loved sport:

  1. Martin Johnson of England

This former England player is well-recognised as one of the best players in the history of the game. He acted as captain and took the England team to the ultimate victory of the World Cup in 2003. He is also the only player to have been captain for both the Irish and British Lions on different tours. With his club, the Leicester Tigers, he won the league no less than 6 times and played 84 times for his country. He was manager of the England team between 2008 and 2011, leading the team to first place victory during the Six Nations tournament in 2011 before resigning after the World Cup of the same year.

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  1. Zinzan Brooke of New Zealand

Brooke has been praised as being one of the best flankers in the sport. He played for Auckland Blues, taking his team to victory in the championships in consecutive years in 1996 and 1997. He earned 58 caps for playing for his country, the iconic All Blacks. On his retirement, he held the world record for scoring the most amount of tries during test matches. He also received a respectable 8th position in a survey of the 50 best rugby players of all time held by the Telegraph. Want to motivate your players? Try a new Rugby Drill from

  1. Carlos Spencer of New Zealand

A fly-half who has earned the reputation for being one of the all-time greats, this former All Blacks player is now the head coach for the Eastern Province Kings rugby union team located in South Africa. He played 35 times for New Zealand and contributed 2901 points for the team. He was voted as player of the year for the 05-06 season.

  1. David Campese of Australia

A winger and fullback who has gone down in the history books as one of the best in rugby history. His unique and iconic kick move being dubbed the ‘goosestep’. It was a useful tactic for avoiding a tackle from the opposing players. He received 101 caps for Australia and scored 135 points. His club team was New South Wales and he enjoyed the honour of being player of the tournament during the World Cup in 1991.

  1. Jonah Lomu of New Zealand

Jonah Lomu skyrocketed to fame and could be called the first celebrity or superstar rugby player in history. He was the face of the game during the 1990s and early 2000s, raising rugby’s profile massively across the world. He played 63 times for the All Blacks from 1994 to 2002, while playing his club rugby with the Auckland Blues, the Chiefs and the Hurricanes. Unfortunately, the late Lomu never experienced a World Cup victory, despite being the top scorer of the competition. He was inducted to the Rugby Hall of Fame in 2007.

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  1. Gareth Edwards of Wales

Many will argue that Gareth Edwards is the best player to ever to don a Wales shirt. He played between 1968 and 1978, when he received 53 caps for his national team. He spent 12 seasons with Cardiff Rugby Club, scoring 69 tries. During the 2007 New Year’s Honours list, he was awarded the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his contribution to the international game.




James Bond Googles himself

It must real annoy James Bond that he can now Google himself and find out so much that he didn’t know about himself. He may have turned to Q and said “look, all these gadgets are great, you know, ejector seats in cars, Parachutes in ski gear, machine guns hidden in Battenberg’s but that Internet Q why didn’t you come up with that?”. Q shuffles his feet a bit and looks sheepish. “Um, pay attention Double oh seven!”, he says resorting to type. “We had a lot on what with the cold war and all. We’d need some hotshot website design company Gloucester! What are you doing? Agent Gloucester leave that alone”. Q pauses to stop the agent from shooting himself with a pen. If Q was looking for a website team then would be spot on by the way.

Bond continues “But Q, what about that watch you gave me on that Spy who loved me mission,” “Which one Bond? I’ve given you a lot of watches and you’ve had lots of Spies that have loved you, too many I would say”, replied Q.

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“That digital one, you know, it had the ticker tape message that came out of it to tell me that those Russian spies were coming to do me in” said Bond.

“What about it?” says Q.

“Well, its like a bit daft, I mean it took ages to come out and then I had all these secret messages lying about. I even had one from someone asking me if I’d been hurt in an accident or if I’d I ever wondered if I’d had PPI?” Said Bond.

“PPI? That’s not some unpleasantness illness is it?” Wondered Q, unsurprised if it was considering Bonds track record.

“No. My point is why didn’t you just send an email?” asked Bond.

“To what would I send it Bond?” replied Q.

“To my phone? I mean I didn’t have one like I do now but that might have been a better invention. Could have been some money in it, eh?” asked Bond.

Q sighed, it was time to have that conversation again. “Right, first off Bond it was 1977 and there were no masts to send it. So, you think it’s better then that my team did that rather than what they did give you on that mission? We only provided you with a Skipole flare Gun that you used to kill that Russian guy that Agent XXX was engaged too”, “Awkward”, cut in Bond.

“Then you used my code reader to learn what was on that microfiche, and finally, finally! When you were being chased by that helicopter and motorcyclist killers you had a car that turn in to a

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Submarine, Bond, A Submarine! And you think I should have been creating email and the internet. Try driving a computer into the sea and see what happens!”

Bond looks admonished. “So, no chance of Angry Birds then?”

Young boy’s Racing car dream

One of the most used phrases that my Mother had was “we haven’t got the space!”, This was trotted out for whenever I requested any toy of any size bigger than a Monopoly board. For years I asked for a Scalextric set. I wasn’t after a full-scale Silverstone or Monaco I would have ben quite happy with a plain old figure of 8. To be fair we did live in a small house. There was barely enough room for the bed. This would have made for a very tight race track. It actually going under the bed could have meant that it doubled up as the famous Monaco tunnel until there was a crash and we’d have had to get the bed out to recover the car. I had the answer to my parents dilemma, as did many other children in the west country, loft conversions Bristol!

The loft was a magical place that contained Christmas decorations and old magazines, some of a dubious nature if you weren’t careful, but nothing else. All that space that could be used. You might find yourself in a similar situation and if that’s the case try as they might be able to help. To my mind this was the solution. If we could get a Scalextric set up there, then that meant the Train set I was hankering for could also be accommodated.

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What was I looking for in Scalextric? From the late 1950’s onwards Scalextric was about the only way any of us were going to get to be racing car driver. This was pretty central to its advertising campaign. The reality of course was a bit different. Though I never owned one as a kid the first thing I asked when round a friend’s house was if they had one and could we play it. I should have realised by the look of resignation on the face of my friend that I was asking a real chore and as we set the thing up you could see why. It took ages to set it the track up! The original pieces had a weird clip together system that defied the laws of physics to use. You seemed to ask the track to bend in ways that it simply couldn’t. When you did get it set up, and by that point it was just a figure of 8 or a simple left-hand/righthand bends with 2 straights only affair that bore no resemblance to any track that the great Murray Walker commented on, you then had the issue of the hit and miss power pack. A metal slots ran through the track and the cars shot down the groves. If you didn’t complete the circuit, then it didn’t work. It was a common sight to see two pre-teen boys hyped up for the coming fun reduced to surly anger as they desperately worked the trigger controls to get the cars to move.

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Maybe it was the putting it together and taking it apart that meant it didn’t work properly. If we’d had that converted loft then that could have been it’s permanent home!