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How overvaluing your property could cost you in the long run

Selling your home can be a daunting and stressful process at the best of times. Choosing the right price might seem like the easy part. You have done your research and you have studied the market; you think you have it right, but then there is that thought – you just might be able to get a bit more.

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Inflating a price

Buyers will often search for properties online, through specific property websites or a property news blog that relates to their desired area. These sites often work through certain price bands. If you inflate your price too high, you risk your property not registering on a buyer’s search.

Creating delays

A change in house price can create a delay if you are involved in a chain. Overvalued homes risk adding up to two-month delays to sale completion, according to Which? magazine. An overvaluation, even if the sale is not involved in a chain, will lead to reduced interest, less viewers and likely lead to a drop in the listed price, all of which could be avoided by being realistic.

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Using agents

Estate agents want to sell your property, but remember that not all want to sell with your best interests at heart. Some will happily just make the sale in order to make their own commission and reach their targets. Make sure you work with someone who is trustworthy, with whom you can forge a good working relationship. Remember that professionalism goes a long way in securing a good sale.

Researching the current market, your area and understanding the type of buyers who are likely to be interested goes a long way. Information can be found via estate agents, a property news blog or even word of mouth from your neighbours. Remember, if you are going to use a property news blog, that it covers your type of property and region.

It is not an understatement to say that overvaluation can harm your property sale potential in a number of ways. The financial benefits of a good and realistic price will ensure a solid and promising sale process. Altering a price can leave you financially out of pocket if your expectations are too high. Importantly, leaving it too long to sell your property might mean that you miss out on the opportunity to buy your dream home.

Top PR trends in the Food Industry Right Now

When it comes to trends in the food industry, change can often come faster than you anticipate. Getting into the habit of keeping up to date with the latest trends is essential for any PR agency, no matter what sector. With trends constantly coming and going, let’s take a look at what is hot right now with PR trends in the food industry.

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Partner Up

Being able to collaborate with a like-minded business could lead to a massive boost for food PR companies far and wide. No matter where you are in the world, there will always be plenty of companies with similar values, beliefs and products. The tough part is being able to find a company that reflects your own message. Going into business with a partner with conflicting beliefs is just setting yourself up for trouble. Do your research and make sure you reach out to a brand with similar values. If they are also a particularly influential food brand, that could be even better for your advertising and your reputation in general.

Create Content

The internet has changed the way that we all work and the food industry is no exception. Creating content that is relevant to your brand and yet still relatable to your consumers is necessary to stay up to date with the technological age we live in. Be creative when it comes to your content. Videos and photographs are expected, so try to jazz them up with a style that represents your brand. Recipes are also a great food related piece of content to engage an audience.

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Let the People Experience Your Brand

The best and most obvious way for food PR companies to spread awareness is to allow their consumers to get a literal taste of what you have to offer. Pop up shops with free samples of your food and drink products are a great way to draw in customers. Also consider holding events to boost awareness. You can also link in the other two points with this idea. Events are a great way to attract a social media following, where you will be posting content – as well as a fantastic opportunity to highlight any partnerships that you may have established.
So there you have it! Some current and popular PR trends in the food industry to consider when building your brand.

What to put in a home office

Many of us are now faced with the prospect of having to work from home. Whether this is as part of a wider business or setting up our own the need for a defined office space has never been more prominent. What elements do you need to successfully set up a home office so that you can stay focused? One thing that you need not worry about is if the technology falls over. This Computer Repairs Gloucester based firm has all the answers for you.

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Firstly make sure that you have adequate space to set the office up. If you can spare a room or the corner of one then that is a good start. Try to avoid communal areas like the living room and if you need to use a bedroom try and make sure that it is as far away from the bed as possible. Studies show that home workers take less breaks and work more hours. The last thing you need to see when you wake up is the desk that you are going to be at for the next 7 to 8 hours. Some even use a garage or a summer house/shed.

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Get a decent desk or office unit. This really cannot be overstated enough. A decent desk will give you the confidence to feel that you are in the office or that the space you have designated as an office truly is one. Whilst you do not need a Rajesh Koothrappali “brobdingnagian” style monster they are plenty of corner space savers that work just as well

What do you need to start a street food business?

The idea of being your own boss appeals to many as does the financial reward it may bring. There are of course problems to overcome too. Starting a business is stressful and extremely time consuming. You need to have a good idea, in most cases the right location but most importantly the right personality. You will also need to think about how you are going to transport your items to your location and whether you need the help of a Same Day Courier Slough way such as to get you started.

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The main problem for most people trying to start their own business is the lack of start-up capital. In the words of Titus Maccius Plautus “You must spend money to make money”. Of course some businesses need less initial outlay than others, one great example being street food businesses.

Pro’s of street food

Other than the relatively low cost of entry into this field, there are plenty of reasons why a street food business could work well for you. Street food businesses have very low overheads; you need relatively little experience to get going; and most importantly, everyone needs to eat!

The last of these may seem a little flippant but it’s a really important point. Despite leaving the recession, Britain is still dealing with austerity. One of the few fields to have seen an increase in demand in spite of slow economic recovery is street food. It’s also a business that can deliver immediate results. You can tell how well you’re doing by checking the till at the end of the day and because it’s a cash-based business you won’t need to worry about invoicing and payment terms from customers since payment is immediate.

Con’s of street food

Serving food can be physically demanding. In the beginning, or even in the longer term, you may not be able to afford to hire someone to help you. There are also stringent legal requirements with which you must conform in order to avoid significant fines or risking the health of your clientele. These are particularly important in the areas of food hygiene and safety.

What would I need?

You will need to secure a “pitch”, source suppliers and buy or rent a stall or a van, an oven, and a commercial fridge. Most of all, you will need an ‘angle’ (type of food), a love of working with the public, an entrepreneurial spirit, persistence and a little bit of luck.

Attracting customers to your business

Nobody starts a business to fail, everyone wants to be a success. To increase the chances of succeeding, you need to attract and retain customers who might not have heard about your business. If you’re looking to increase your customer footfall, here are some handy tips:

Direct people

People need to be shown where to go to reach you. Make it easy or they won’t make the effort to find you unless you’re a uniquely unusual or niche supplier. If your premises are not central, invest in signposts or digital signage and make the benefits of visiting clear to see.

Take action

Take a proactive approach to improving your footfall. Hand out flyers in a crowded shopping centre, create a special offer or exciting incentive for people to come and visit. If you’ve got too much on your hands to deal with, consider hiring a PR company to take care of these things for you.

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If you’re looking to target a specific local area, why not have some leaflets printed and carry out a leaflet drop? These are great for making nearby homes more aware of what you’re offering right on their doorstep. Be concise, clear and eye-catching with benefits or special offers. Remember to include details of where to find you and contact you!

Get a partner

Local businesses can often partner up for mutual benefit. Why not get involved in something like this in your area? You could draw up agreements to make referrals to each other, recommendations and include links on websites and even combined special offers. This can work really well, as long as the businesses aren’t in direct competition with one another.


Ensuring your premises look appealing will help to encourage people through the door. Maybe it’s been a while since the exterior had a fresh coat of paint or you could do with a new window display? If you have the budget, new signage can make a real difference, or what about a complete makeover and re-launch? Ensure your store is tidy, well-planned, smells great and is playing the right kind of background music. For Music for business, visit

Window display

The window is an often-overlooked opportunity and it’s the perfect place to market your goods and services to passing traffic. Choose your display carefully, don’t overcrowd the space but use it to promote your most appealing offers that will attract the widest possible audience.

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Loyalty rewards

Rewarding customer loyalty has long been a popular method for encouraging brand loyalty and return custom. They are simple to introduce, and any card would just need stamping each time a customer visits and buys something. After a certain number of stamps have been received, the customer is given a discount or free item.


A great way to attract interest in your store is to offer free samples or testers just outside. This provides customers with an opportunity to touch, see, smell or taste the goods that you are selling.









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