Conservatories are the eyes of your home into your garden, and for many people the additional airy space they provide creates a connection to the outdoors which the British weather doesn’t always allow.

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With lots of evidence pointing to the benefits of outdoor living and being closer to nature, finding ways to incorporate this into our homes is a great way of helping to boost our own wellbeing on a daily basis.

The minimalistic tones of Scandinavian décor are a perfect fit for today’s trend to bring the outdoors in. And Scandinavian style with its emphasis on light and space, utilising lots of glass to forge a closer relationship with the outdoors, works perfectly with today’s modern conservatories.

Bringing the Outdoors In

While a conservatory can provide wonderful views into the garden, bespoke designs offered by companies such as Worcester Conservatories offer lots of options to truly open up your home Scandi-style. For example, external bi-fold doors make it easier to bring the outdoors inside by boasting more glass and less frame at the same time as reducing the physical barrier created by traditional doors and windows. It’s hardly surprising that a well-designed conservatory is often referred to as the ‘garden room’.

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Neutral Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Of course, the neutral tones and practical roots of Scandinavian home design won’t mean your conservatory has to be boring. Although light walls and bright wooden floors help to create that feeling of light airiness, there is always room for colour and personal touches to make your space special to you.

Worcester Conservatories can be found online at and offer bespoke designs to get your conservatory right for you from the very start. Add a pop of colour – light blues and warm yellows work well – and some quirky art or luscious pot plants and you can create the extra room your home has been waiting for.

Experts in custom-built designs can offer valuable advice on how you can add beautiful extra space to your home. The planning portal offers a useful guide to the planning permission requirements you need to comply with.

Don’t let your conservatory become a spare room for storage. Get the design right, keep it fuss-free and you can enjoy a bright and beautiful new space for years to come.