Spring is a time to propose new challenges, new goals, new projects … and start different things always full of illusion, right? Here we suggest you renew the look of your walls with these 7 Alternatives DIY to make some original shelves.

7 simple and original DIY projects to transform your home, and give a more contemporary look to your study, add color and fun to the kids’ bedroom, add freshness to your kitchen or create a small library for your reading corner. Which do you stay?

1. Shape your shelves, forget the classic shelves

Although the shelves are always a great choice with which to shelves, today we go a step further and show you the latest trends in design shelves. Gone are the straight slats placed neatly in parallel, one above the other, it’s time to shape, movement and color to your shelves.

From shelves little house for the kids bedroom, which are diamond shaped, hexagon or the famous triangles, the shapes are fashionable, choose the one you like and suits your decor.

7 Alternative DIY to make some original shelves

If you want to save shelf tiny objects, you can add small compartments inside, with dividing shelves. You can leave the color of natural wood or paint, and even cover them with wallpaper or printed gift. Dipoles individually or in a group if you want to create a library, it all depends on your needs.

The triangle shape fashion

The advantage of the ideas we are proposing today is that we can also make ourselves for little money and with exclusive designs, why do not you dare and try it? Perform this simple triangle will not cost you anything, you just need a carpenter’s glue and wooden slats purchased, but also you can develop recycled, plus nails to hang on the wall materials.

And best of its entire trend. You can easily size that suits you, depending cloth wall where you go, creating as many triangles as you want. Put them in a row, conflicting, creating a pattern or disorderly manner. In addition you can also play with color, leave all natural wood, paint the edge in pastel tones, Quartz pink inside, or create a potpourri of different shades. Send your decor.

Square or rhomboid

You can also create simple squares, depending on how the sets will become funny diamonds. In this case it is best to combine them in a group, and if you prefer creates a composition with different sizes.

As we see in the picture can customize by changing its color or cover them with wallpaper, it is very beautiful. It is perfect for decorating a hall, creating a corner with aromatic plants or put in your kitchen.

Or any other geometric shape that amuses you

But the world does not end with the triangle and the ways we have mentioned, geometric shapes there a lot, so yourself, choose the design that suits you.

Watch this hexagon compartmentalized to put small objects, it is ideal for your study, to put your decorative figures and memorabilia in the lounge or spice. All these designs can go with or without background, if you place one uses the same material or the same tone of wood, a board fine will be perfect.

2. Integrals in the wall painting them the same color

If you are looking to innovate and add color, look how funny this idea that integrates the wall with shelves through color to paint the wall and therefore the shelf with the same tone. However we will create a point of contrast through a second complementary color, or a color that stands out the wall with which to paint inside the drawer, and thus make more decorative wall.

In this case we have used a throwing turquoise for the edges and the wall and a canary yellow green, but if you are looking for a more serene air can paint in white and blue Serenity, for look elegant and daring the taupe tones and bubblegum pink are a great combination, in exchange for a Nordic urban home or black and white are great, or you can even line the inside with a pattern.

3. Put them in a group of random and disorderly manner

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, part of the originality and freshness of these shelves lies with how we have in the wall, do not be afraid and before hanging try doing crazy compositions. There are many ways to arrange them from placing a single element that contrasts with the wall and the rest of the decor, with its complex shape and bold color or a more elaborate and disorderly composition in which the elements are repeated, but change sizes and provisions to decorate an entire wall.

You can also create rows of four or five elements arranged horizontally or vertically on top of a dresser in which resizes, or in twos supported by items such as a chair, side table or chair. It combines sizes, designs, colors and shapes.

4. The drawers, in stacks or individually

Decorative boxes serve to show small collections and create charming corners in the living room, bedroom, study or nursery. They noted for its depth, which are ideal for storing magazines, bottles, books, folders…

Depending on how you paint get a look or another, if you add a dark varnish, you will give a masculine and industrial or Boho air, if the paint in pastel shades are ideal for Nordic households, for children’s bedrooms with prints and if you Shabby Chic style uses recycled drawers and paint them with paint color chalk effect.

The you can have like in appearance, support top of each other, in a disorderly manner, a vertical posts and other in stacked horizontal. Place them in the middle of the wall or from floor to reach half wall, as if it were a drawer or simply vertically. They are ideal for studies.

5. Original libraries for a reading corner

Are you passionate about reading? Perhaps you have a small reading corner where you enjoy your private library but you need a space where to place your outstanding books to read, or your favorite books. Fear not, there are creative, fun and affordable solutions that do not occupy too much space in our home.

Unleash your imagination

This project DIY shelf shaped tree is for the brave who are not afraid of challenges. Although it seems complex, it is not difficult; it is rather laborious and requires a little more time and patience than previous ideas.

As in the kiosk, practical and everything in sight

If you want to enjoy reading a wall as if the kiosk or library is involved, where you have all your sight reading, look more beautiful idea. It is a perfect space to place magazines, although it is ideal to put in the bedroom of the kids to their children’s stories. Make a vivid color behind the wall to dress more space.

Although appearance is very different from other designs we have seen, to develop this piece we will use the same elements as in the rest: carpenter’s glue, screws, sandpaper, a board and 4 strips (3 of the same thickness and one half).

We will glue the strips to the table to create the edge of the shelf, and then the other and finally will glue and the finest bar in the two side edges.

6. The stairs are transformed into decorative shelves

In this original list could not miss the stairs. While we see as the old wooden stairs are recycled and become unusual shelves. But if you are not the lucky ones who have an old wooden stairs at home, you can always make one with your own hands.

A donkey with shelves for your clothes and shoes

In this case, the wooden staircase recovered acquires a new function, the donkey to hang your shirts with shelves to order your shirts and accessories, although you can use to create a space with plants or auxiliary shelf for the living room.

As towel rack, magazine rack or table as sleeping

But their functions may be as many as those you pass through the head. It looks great in the bathroom as towel rack, and besides beautiful is super convenient, you can also place it in the bedroom as a side table, although in this case, some of the what steps have to be converted into shelf to put your book, creams, jewelry … But one of the most fun ideas is to transform the staircase in a funny magazine, placing magazines hang just half.

7. How do you develop them?

Having decided what format we will develop, buy cut to the size you need shelves, this will save work and time, then the mount following the design chosen.

To join the pieces of wood together first they will glue with carpenter’s glue, and then reinforce with screws. We only need to give the finish you want, which in many cases is that such natural wood, but in others, we paint our bookshelf with a brush or forearms with wallpaper.

In this video you can see how to make a shelf, this same technique can be applied in all formats we have shown in this post, it is a simple technique, depending on the design that require more or less time.

As you can see the shelves are a versatile and versatile element that makes our life easier. They help us to sort and store our objects, to hand them over and decorate it off our walls.