Blue skies, turquoise seas, golden sands and a glass of something deliciously cool and refreshing – it must be the Caribbean.

The Daily Telegraph offers a list of all the islands and the best time to visit, but you may be swayed by the drinks on offer. Most Caribbean islands have their own signature cocktail, and here’s our top five:

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1 Mojito

The signature drink of Cuba, made famous by the author Ernest Hemingway, the first Mojito dates back to Francis Drake and his companions, who drank rum, lime juice and crushed mint. Nowadays it’s pepped up with the addition of sugar and soda water, making it cool, refreshing and deliciously moreish.

2 Planter’s Punch

There are as many versions of Jamaica’s signature drink as there are bartenders, but the general consensus is that there should be rum – lots of rum. Add a splash of Angostura bitters, a dash of grenadine syrup and a squeeze of lemon juice. You could add some tropical fruit juice, as long as you’re careful not to dilute the rum too much.

3 Calabash Rum Cocktail

Grenada is famous for its nutmeg, so it’s no surprise that the spice features heavily in its national cocktail. Nutmeg syrup, a squeeze of lime juice and a spoonful of sugar is added to white Antoine River rum, then topped off with a generous splash of Blue Curacao and a little grated nutmeg.

4 Blanchisseuse Rum Punch

Blanchisseuse is a village to the north of Trinidad which played host to a beach party whose legacy lives on in the Blanchisseuse Rum Punch. Sugar and Angostura bitters are mixed with juice from the Portugal fruit, which is an island fruit similar to the tangerine.

You’ll have noticed that rum features heavily in most of these cocktails, so by now you’re probably wondering what are the best all inclusive Caribbean resorts to visit? Rum aside, there’s a huge choice of islands, so tailor your sunshine break according to your holiday preferences. Check out for a handy guide.

5 Mama Juana

Not strictly a cocktail, although it does of course contain rum, the Dominican Republic’s contribution to Caribbean drinks is the Mama Juana, or island Viagra as it is also known. Honey, bark, herbs and wine are added and steeped to make this potent drink.