Every organization depends on different areas in order to be able to carry out its activity in a satisfactory way, and these in turn depend on the coordination and the joint work of different people to adequately perform the functions that each one is responsible for and to achieve Goals set. 

However, despite the importance of this issue within any company, the reality is that creating the long-sought synergy that is normally sought may not be easy, among other things because human relations are complex and conflicts between peers and superiors May appear at any time.

For that reason, to make that both the leaders and the members of the teams are aware that problems and misunderstandings will always come, it is already an advance in itself taking into account that even when there is an environment of camaraderie between people, this does not guarantee That eventually generate frictions and inconveniences that affect the coexistence.

Contrary to the above, trying to conceal these things and do as if they did not exist is the origin of many evils and something that can only make things worse in the future.

Keeping in mind the above and knowing that you can create good work teams, take into account the following aspects can help in its construction:

  1. Clarity regarding objectives and roles

Always having clear objectives and well-defined roles are two things that, however simple they seem, help to ensure cohesion between a team and all its members in the same direction.

However, while this could be considered as a basic principle of effective teams, many leaders can fall into the error of obviating things like these and thus affect the good performance of their team. Hence the importance of being steadily reinforcing this.

  1. Active participation of its members

A good work team values and takes into account the contributions of each of its members, in addition to encouraging participation among them. This also means that many things are defined by consensus (including goals), and that the people who make it up can feel free to express themselves without fear of reprisals of any kind or to be singled out.

In this sense, the leader should be the first to lead by allowing openly in the group meetings to give a space to receive feedback from the team that is in charge, while opening the debate so that other members can Do the same among them.

In this way, you can bring to the fore different issues that would otherwise be difficult to know, while at the same time maintaining a certain transparency in the team that allows solving and seeking quick solutions to problems that arise, before they get worse over time.

  1. Diversity

Bearing in mind that solving problems or developing new projects requires a lot of creativity and ability to innovate on the part of the teams, also allowing them to be made up of varied profiles in terms of skills, work experience and even ways of thinking, can achieve In effect, that teams can analyze and view problems from other angles and nourish themselves with valuable ideas that can effectively serve as input to generate innovations, as well as allowing each of its members to complement their skills and knowledge with the rest of people.

  1. Good communication

No doubt good communication is key within any team. This not only implies to keep all the people who integrate it informed about the different initiatives and activities that must be carried out either through meetings or one of the many technological tools available to them today to do so, But also requires to be very direct and clear when communicating (thus avoiding giving rise to other interpretations other than those we want and thus generate the famous misunderstandings).

  1. High levels of motivation

In addition to economic incentives, things like having a pleasant and orderly workplace also influence your motivation.

In addition, jointly celebrating achievements when the team achieves goals, or carrying out recreational activities from time to time in which its members can go with their families, are a good way to strengthen the bonds between each of the members and create an atmosphere of camaraderie.

In conclusion

While no equipment is exempt from experiencing problems and suffering inconveniences because of the complex and conflictive nature of human relations, taking into account some aspects such as those mentioned above can not only be achieved that shocks among the members of A work team is kept to a minimum (while productivity and effectiveness can be greatly improved), but also conflicts can be resolved more easily and quickly as they arise.

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