When planning a new bathroom, many people think colour rather than fixtures and fittings first. In this article, we take a look at the different colours used in bathrooms and some of the most popular choices.

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We may consider grey to be a dull colour but it works really well in bathroom spaces. Bathroom renovations Dublin, Doncaster and elsewhere are reinforcing the fact that grey has taken the bathroom industry by storm and has become a firm favourite, offering neutrality combined with sophistication. It also lends itself to large or small spaces and contemporary or classic bathrooms. A win win all round! Choose from grey tiles, furniture or even a grey painted bath.


Not surprisingly, a neutral toned bathroom remains a firm favourite and is a perfect choice for rented accommodation and if you are selling your home. Wood effect floor tiles and even driftwood style bathroom furniture work well in a neutral space.

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White bathrooms hit the top of the list in the UK and are sold widely throughout the UK by specialists such as http://www.bathroomrenovationsdublin.ie/. Due to its popularity, there are so many products on the market – for example, there are some fabulous white bathroom tiles which range from metro tiles to marble effect or even hexagon shaped ones. Importantly, its clean and bright look means that it won’t look dated.


A monochrome bathroom offers a classic look and can look much more expensive than it actually is. Popular suggestions include black and white wallpaper and a patterned tiled floor.


Copper or rose gold is becoming more and more popular. Offering a twist on traditional chrome, the one downside is that there are a limited number of products on the market as it establishes itself as an alternative. Copper showers, baths and bathroom taps are emerging as popular with homeowners.


Green bathrooms are having something of a renaissance and we are not talking the avocado green from the 70s! Adding plants and green tiles add a splash of this popular colour.


The colour blue is a calming and soothing colour and perfect for bathroom renovations. Our advice is to use it sparingly and not as blocks of colour which can look cold and overbearing. Incorporate a blue bathroom cabinet, tiles or wallpaper for the best effect.