What type of rental are you looking for?

We have become a nation and perhaps a modern world of film and television enthusiasts. It was only a few short years ago that video and DVD rental was a lucrative business with companies like Blockbuster film and Choices providing a membership-based service for you for rent your films for your chosen time period.

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This type of service is much like the Gloucester Letting Agency services provided by http://www.alexclarkglos.co.uk/ whereby you rent a property of your choosing for a set period of time with the help of an agent and a landlord. The similarities effectively stop at this point.

DVD rental has now morphed into the beast that is now streaming and downloading directly from the internet. With the emergence of faster internet speeds, ipads and internet ready televisions there is now no longer such a demand for a rental service. Anyone can now sign up for a subscription service such as Netflix or Disney Life and have a whole host of films and television programs at their fingers tips to watch in an instant. Other platforms such as Amazon have combined the ideas of a subscription service with a rental service in that you can subscribe to membership of Amazon prime and watch any of the free listed programmes and films as well as enjoy quicker delivery and other perks of the membership and you can also pay for a one of film that you rent to watch immediately.

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For some it has helped stop the endless squabbles between family members over which film would be rented this week and who would end up disappointed and have to wait another week before they could rent their movie. Now a whole array of films are available at your fingertips and you don’t have to wait for someone to return it before you can watch it. There is an argument that there is too much choice and the quality will decrease. This has been an batted back and forth with no absolute winner. On the one hand TV is flooded with game shows and zoo format talk shows which offer us pulp viewing and little else. But we have seen the rise of the blockbuster TV show which has huge budgets like Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead and Westworld. These projects can command higher turnovers than many films. The other argument is that smaller radical independent films will not be financed. This is true to some degree, but one only has to look at the sleeper hit Stranger Things to see that if risks are taken the rewards can be great and made cheaply. Execs are aware of this and it is not uncommon for larger companies to invest in small independents, give them a budget and let them use their judgement. Viva Choice it is then.