What causes damage to roofs?

You may have the most beautiful furniture and decor, but it all can be destroyed if you have a serious problem with your roof. Nothing is more devastating to the interior of your home than water marks, damp, leaks and damage to furniture for the home owner. There are many reasons having a damaged roof. That’s why it always pays to keep a regular eye on the health of your roof, so you can nip problems in the bud before small leaks turn into major damage.

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The main causes of roof damage include:

Extreme Weather – Any weather extremes can put pressure on a roof and lead to issues such as splitting, buckling or blistering. Extreme cold or heat and torrential rain can cause these problems, leaving an open part of the roof that allows water to enter. Powerful winds can tear tiles and slates, leaving the space open to the elements. Storms can tear the material from their anchors. If you need scaffolding to repair a damaged roof in a hurry, consider Scaffolding Essex, at a site like BG Scaffolding. They are a leading supplier of Scaffolding Essex.

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General wear and tear – Over time, all of them suffer from wear and tear and if your roof is old, it could be a natural disintegration of the material as it ages. The roof is the first defence against all elements and also deals with a lot of traffic over the years from birds, squirrels, cats and other small animals. Wind gusts can also blow leaves, branches and other detritus into your roof from nearby trees. If you want your roof to last longer, you should commit to performing regular maintenance checks.