What are the Best Trees to Have in a Smaller Garden?

Trees are one of the most relaxing and beautiful sights that we can have around us – however if you have a small garden you may thing you cant have a tree of your own in it. However, there are many types of trees that are suitable for a smaller garden – get a professional in like this tree surgery Gloucester based company, Geoffrey Urch to keep it looking it’s best. Here are some of the best trees that can go in a smaller garden…


Crab Apple – The little tree that has it all – the fruits that it produces are attractive to look at as well as being adored by local wildlife such as birds and squirrels. In the Spring and Summer, the tree produces a beautiful blossom which smells as good as it looks!

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Japanese Maple – There are many small varieties of these fantastic little trees. They are great in a small garden away from direct sunlight and in the Autumn, they will put on a stunning show of fiery seasonal colours for you to admire.

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Ornamental Cherry – This beautiful tree is not only perfect in a small garden, but it has the most beautiful blooms to admire in the Spring and early Summer months. As well as this, it is well loved by bees so you would be doing your bit to help the bee population by owning one of these lovely little trees.