The precise nature of a tapping machine

Tapping machines come in all shapes and sizes. There are huge machines that are able to create a succession of holes in large thin and thick pieces of metal that will be used for industrial and construction purposes. This is a big operation and can easily be overseen by humans. Even then there is a degree, if not total, control by a computer especially if the final product needs to be of a certain quality and precise specification. The Tapping Machines that are available from Cotswold Machinery Sales are also very much in this vein but on a smaller scale. This is where the tapping machine, running off a pneumatic system really comes into its own.

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If you need small scale and precise tapping say for a computer motherboard, circuit board or some minute engineering project then this is the one to go for. For example, a circuit board is laid out in a detailed way so that the components and electronics work in perfect unison. The chips, resistors and capacitors allow for the correct flow of current to bring the electronics alive.

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However if there is something out of position or not placed in exactly the right place then the system will not work. This cannot be left to chance so a computer aided tapping process that is programmed into the machine is the only way to ensure that this is done with the correct level of detail required.


Don’t worry, it is still quality checked by a human afterwards!