The most common and annoying plumbing problems.

Whilst we don’t like to think about it there comes a time when you need the service of a plumber. Some jobs you just can’t do on your own and you’ll need the assistance of a plumber.  Here is a list of the most common plumbing problems that you’ll hopefully not encounter but with the help of a Plumber services Dublin or anywhere else in the country you’ll soon have water and services back in good order just click here for a Plumber Dublin way. Let’s see what you might come up against.

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  1. Leaking pipe. This is a big issue that’s been in the news quite recently. It’s estimated that we lose millions of gallons a year through this issue. There is very little that you or the Plumber can do if its deep enough. This issue is more for the water companies. If you have a leaky pipe indoors that is an issue that the plumber can sort out.
  2. A lack of Hot water. This is a regular issue and one of the most common that has a number of reasons for it happening. The most usual reason is that the water heater has packed in or the water pump has been damaged.
  3. A leak coming from the Water heater. This can have serious issues for it might mean that the tank has sprung a leak, this could be because the bottom of the tank has become rusty and worn through.
  4. Blocked drains. This delightful problem is also a very common issue. Its usually due to what has been put down the plug hole. This could be due to fat and grease which sets hard in the pipes. The plumber will be able to clear this out and advise of future ways to avoid the problem happening again.
  5. Pipes becoming frozen. While we do not have that bad a winter in this country we still need to make sure that the pipes are protected and functioning. A pipe, when frozen, expands and cracks. This results in a huge leak that needs attention straight away. The plumber will deal with this issue straight away and try to contain the leak and then do repairs.

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  1. Toilet blocked. By far the worst of the many issues you can have. Its bad enough that you need the loo so it’s not exactly a lot of fun finding that it doesn’t work at all. The plumber will sort this out asap.
  2. Toilet that keeps on running. It more than likely that the ballcock is wrong. This is a nice easy job for the plumber but it’s still the type of job that they need to do for you to get it done correctly.

Hopefully you won’t need the services of a plumber for any of this but if you ever do its reassuring that there are professionals out there that can help you.