The fashionable advice of Gok Wan

Gok Wan has long been a name that is associated with fashion trends and he has built a name for himself by helping women to regain confidence in their own bodies. Having struggled with his being happy with his appearance for a number of years Gok has a way of making women happy in their own skin and helps them to embrace who they are rather than who they are trying to be. He is loved by women of all ages and sizes but particularly for those who may be classed in fashion terms as plus sized. He has helped many women to see the beauty in themselves and in good fitting Plus Size Dresses such as the ones you can find at His trade mark starting poitn for any women is their underwear as he believes that the right fitting underwear will enhance your natural figure and create a beautiful silouette once your chosen clothing items are placed over the top.

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Whether you are well accustomed to the world of Gok Wan or just hearing about him for the first time, here are some facts about the man that might interest you.

  • Gok is of mixed heritage with an English mother and Chinese father. He was born in Leicester and has always honoured his routes and his Chinese heritage links. You will find if often talking about helping out with Chinese cooking and his love of all things culinary.
  • Gok original set out to develop a career in acting but it was during his time at the Central School of Speech and Drama located in London that he developed a love of the makeup and costumes and this become a bigger love for him that acting.
  • He then established a career working in hair and makeup and appeared on a number of high profile television shows such as GMTV and MTV.

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  • His crowning moment came as the presenter and stylist on his own show ‘How to Look Good naked’ where he would help countless numbers of women from all kinds of backgrounds and body shapes all with one thing in common. A lack of confidence in the way that they look. The aim of the show was to get them loving their body so much that they had the confidence to not only walk down a catwalk but end the show by dropping their stylish dressing gown to reveal they bodies. The show was a hit and Gok’s career has sky-rocketed ever since.