The benefits of having a flat roof.

If you’re looking to have an extension added to your home and or business unit there are distinct advantages to having a flat roof choice over a standard pitched one. Let’s look at what the definition of a flat roof is and what is needed to assemble it on the building. If you’re looking for a company that can sort one out for you then why not try this Plymouth flat roofing company at the following link  They can advise and quote on what you’re looking for. Before you do that lets have a look at what options a flat roof entails so to give you a bit more knowledge on this building addition.

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The first thing to clear up about flat roofs is that they are not in fact flat at all. There are no such things as a flat roof because if it was flat then the rain water would clear and it would collect on the roof causing puddles and promoting damp. So, not flat although they appear to be. There is in fact the slightest of slopes. This slope does not have to be that great; in fact you’re unlikely to even detect it should you walk on the flat roof. It only needs to be a slight incline of a few degrees to ensure that any subsequent rain water is swilled away down to the awaiting drainpipe and guttering. It is ok then to attach a water butt, you will get some eventually.

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Flat roofs are used in construction for a variety of reasons but the most usual reason is one of cost. When you look at the cost of a pitched roof while it will ensure that no rain water is collected at all, although neither will the flat roof as it is not flat, the amount of work involved may make the cost particularly prohibitive. The reason is that the workmanship involved in a pitched roof, namely tiling and construction, pushes the price of the roof up to a considerable amount more than the flat. This is because the flat roof can be easily installed as one unit and attached to the ceiling joists of the new building. This greatly reduces the workmanship costs and also means that the timings are greatly reduced.

The flat roof is not without its problems, although membrane technology has come a long way from the thin layer of mineral felt and equally thin layer of stone chips that was employed before. If not checked and treated with regularity the membrane can crack and burn, certainly in extremely hot weather although this is rare in Britain. Why not follow the link to get more details now you have a working knowledge of the flat roof.