Alternative Christmas – What do you do if you are Working on Christmas Day?

We all have our own Christmas traditions – often they have been passed down through families and added to through generations, and some have been altered to make them fit in more with the modern world. There are many that are popular with the majority of the UK – putting out a stocking, singing carols and getting the whole family together for a festive movie are activities enjoyed by most families in the run up to the big day.

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For some people Christmas can be more unconventional than for most people. Those who work on Christmas day, have to come up with new and imaginative ways to make Christmas just as special for themselves and their families, as not the whole country can enjoy a Christmas Day at home – nurses, doctors, and the police are just a few of the people who are even there on Christmas Day to take care of the whole country. Here are a few ways that you can make Christmas special even if you are working on the day itself.

If you have any days off around Christmas day – either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, turn that into your own Christmas Day – celebrate with the big roast dinner and all the trimmings, and make a big deal of it. Make it special with luxury touches, such as a favourite malt whisky, or special restaurant cutlery from .The benefit of celebrating Christmas a few days later is that you get to take advantage of the sales which start on Boxing day, meaning that if you are a smart shopper you could save a fortune on gifts and food!

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If Christmas really isn’t your thing anyway, but you still enjoy a festive knees-up, then New Year’s Eve may be more your thing! Make a big deal of it and invite family and friends over for a meal or a New Years Party. Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many, and this is a good opportunity for you and your family to get together and let your hair down without the stress! If you have friends and colleagues that were also at work on Christmas Day, you could make your own Christmas Day with your own little group!